Cheese Maker Certificate

The Cheese Maker Certificate program provides instruction in all aspect of cheese making - scientific and technological principles of cheese making, unit operations, cheese technologies from A – Z, safety, quality control, grading and more. The program also offers an ongoing opportunity for any cheesemaker to attend Master Classes that focus on particular cheese varieties or technologies. The courses are designed to require about 2 – 3 hours of work each day so you can fit them in to your schedule. 

The certificate consists of four required core courses, two master classes and an internship.  The introductory course is a recommended but not required perquisite for other courses. 


  • Introduction to Cheese Technology (annual course in April/May)
  • Dairy Fermentations
  • Cheese Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Cheese composition and yield control
  • Cheese Ripening, Packaging and Grading
  • Master Classes, one offered every year in February. Currently planned Master Classes include Ripened Lactic Cheeses and Stretched Cheeses. 
  • Internship - a minimum of six months of hands-on experience in the cheese industry. That will typically be hands-on experience in the make room, but it could also be grading, working as a cheese buyer, or other practical experience as approved by the instructors. At least three courses are required before enrollment as an intern. 

Completion of the Certificate:

You can request your parchment through the Open Education Student Portal once you have completed all requirements.

Registration is now open for the introductory course (online for 2021):

  • Introduction to Cheese Making Technology, April 12 to 30, 2021 REGISTER NOW

If you have any questions about the Cheese Maker Certificate or current course(s), please email:

Funding opportunities: Canada-Ontario Job Grant