Current Graduate Opportunities

Below is a listing of graduate position postings with faculty members in the various graduate programs within the Ontario Agricultural College.

Note, however, that this is not a comprehensive list.

Other opportunities are available beyond this list; please do not hesitate to reach out to key contacts such as individual faculty members, graduate coordinators or graduate program assistants within OAC if you are interested in learning more about graduate opportunities.

M.Sc. Positions

PhD Positions

Wondering what other opportunities are available?

Reach out to one of the contacts below specifying your area of interest.

General Program Inquiries

Manager, Graduate Recruitment and Programs: Leigh West (
519-824-4120, Ext. 52101

Animal Biosciences

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Wendy Pearson (
Graduate Program Assistant: Jacob Harwood (

Capacity Development and Extension

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Helen Hambly Odame (
Graduate Program Assistant: Lorena Barker (

Environmental Sciences

Graduate Coordinators: Dr. Asim Biswas and Dr. Youbin Zheng (
MES Program Advisor: Dr. Kimberley Bolton (
Graduate Program Assistant: Jennifer LaPorte (

Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics

Graduate Coordinator - MSc, MFARE: Prof. Alfons Weersink (
Graduate Coordinator - PhD: Dr. Alan Ker (
Graduate Program Assistant: Kathryn Selves (

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Graduate Program Coordinator: Don Mercer (
Graduate Program Assistant: Kay Norwell (

Food Science

Graduate Coordinators: Dr. Iris Joye ( and Dr. Michael Rogers (
Graduate Program Assistant: Tricia Townsend (

Landscape Architecture

MLA Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Robert Corry (
Graduate Program Assistant: Diana Foolen (

Plant Agriculture

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Istvan Rajcan (
Associate Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. David Wolyn (
Graduate Program Assistant: Tara Israel (

Rural Planning and Development

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Ryan Gibson (
Graduate Program Assistant: Lorena Barker (

Rural Studies

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leith Deacon (
Graduate Program Assistant: Lorena Barker (

Future Students