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MSc & PhD in Food Science (Thesis/Research)

Combine the pure sciences to develop innovative and healthy food.

This program is offered through the Department of Food Science which focuses its research on enhancing the quality, safety, functionality and nutrition of foods. Research beside world-renowned professors who focus on food safety, food preservation, dairy science, food analysis, sensory science, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

 #1 in Canada for food science

Study with the best. The University of Guelph is ranked #1 in Canada for Food Science and Technology by U.S. News and World Report.

 Elevate your impact

Broaden your high-paying and leadership career options by achieving a graduate degree. MSc and PhD graduates are highly sought after by Canadian and international food science employers.

 Research-based studies

Alongside a faculty member and other students, you will develop, conduct and publish impactful research that focuses on a topic/issue/opportunity in food science.


 Excellent food science facilities

Access excellent research facilities and equipment. To learn more about the facilities, check out this Virtual Tour of Food Science Labs and Pilot Plant Facilities.

 Leading research centres

Work alongside and in the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety and the Guelph Food Innovation Centre

 Add unique skills to your resume

Benefit from convenient access to short courses, classes and certificates on beer brewing, ice cream and cheese making


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More information on courses and admission requirements can be found here.

Loong-Tak in metal frame glasses, suit jacket and pale green dress shirt
Many consumers are after products that are fresh, minimally processed, and this is really a challenge for the food industry simply because that the products are no longer as stable, so by using antimicrobial active packaging system we should be able to achieve the required shelf-life as well as meeting the consumer demand on the fresh product.

Dr. Loong-Tak Lim, Faculty
Professor, Department of Food Science
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Iris in brown patterned scarf
My research focuses on gluten proteins. The functionality of that protein, it's actually a very intriguing protein, it has an unequalled functionality because it builds structures.

Dr. Iris Joye, Faculty
Professor, Department of Food Science
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How to Apply

As part of the application requirements, you are required to secure a faculty advisor to supervise your program. Faculty profiles describe research programs in more detail and can be found on the Department of Food Science website. Contact the faculty member you are interested in working with to discuss potential research opportunities. We recommend connecting via email.  

More details on the U of G graduate program application process here.

Applications to the M.Sc. and Ph.D. are evaluated on academic performance in a relevant field of study, referee assessments, statement of interest and experience in appropriate and related fields.  View the full Food Science graduate admission requirements here.

  • Winter semester (January entry): Applications due by November 1st
  • Summer semester (May entry): Applications due by March 1st
  • Fall semester (September entry): Application by July 1st

More details on the U of G graduate program application process here.

  • Review the uploading documents information for instructions on providing required supporting documents to complete your application.   
  • Application to the M.Sc. and Ph.D. require a department supplemental document called the “Application Fact Sheet”. Include a completed Application Fact Sheet in your application package via WebAdvisor. 
  • Offer letters indicate the requirement for official transcripts by the first class day of the semester in which you start your program.
  • International applicants should apply with consideration given to time needed for immigration procedures if you receive an offer. International students are required to submit a valid study permit and passport when they arrive on campus. 
  • Not sure what your “admission average” is? Here’s more details on how to calculate it: Calculating Your Admission Average | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. International applicants: please use this guide to compare your academic credentials and determine the grade equivalency needed. Additional information available on the International Applicants page.
  • More resources for international applicants are available on the U of G Graduate & Postdoctoral website.

Additional Options

You may also be interested in MSc in Food Safety and Quality Assurance (Course-based) or the Master in Dairy Technology Management (Course-based).


For questions on applying and admissions, contact: 

Aimee Caldwell
Department of Food Science
519-824-4120, Ext. 52705 

For questions on graduate program options, contact:

Leigh West
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
519-824-4120 Ext. 52101

Brock in tan sweater stands in front of brown-leafed shrub
I specifically pursued research at the University of Guelph because the program has more to offer than any other food science program. Moreover, I deeply admire the research conducted by my supervisor, Dr. Loong-Tak Lim.

Brock Levac, Graduate Student
MSc in Food Science
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Brenda smiles with her brown hair blowing slightly in the wind
Food science is a very important field within our industry and in our everyday lives. There was definitely no shortage of finding jobs within the field. There are lots of opportunities for students to get involved and jumpstart their career.

Brenda Zai, Graduate Student
MSc in Food Science
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The Department of Food Science is a great community and I’ve found it easy to get involved and make friends. I’ve been a member of the Food Science Graduate Club for the past few years and help to plan events for faculty, staff, and graduate students. I’ve also been a Food Chemistry teaching assistant (TA) throughout my grad studies which has been a lot of fun and has given me the opportunity to get to know and learn alongside the Food Science undergrads each year.

Katherine Petker
PhD in Food Science