Food Science (PhD)

Two loafs of bread and pasta with sign that says "Please do not move! Dr. Bock's sample"

The objective of this program is to provide graduates with general scientific knowledge as well as a more in-depth understanding of particular aspects of food science. This objective is accomplished through course work and departmental research seminars. Extensive laboratory and technical training is obtained by performing experiments under the supervision of a professor and advisory committee.

The PhD program provides the skills and knowledge you will need to assume leadership roles in academic institutions, or work as a manager in food science research and development institutes in industry or government. The program includes comprehensive exams to ensure a solid background in food chemistry, processing/engineering and microbiology as well as the preparation of a PhD thesis and scientific publications. Students in the program will demonstrate creativity and the ability to perform independent research.

This program is offered through the Department of Food Science.

What's it like to be a Food Science PhD student?

Sometimes the best way to learn about a program is through meeting a current student. Learn about Claire's experience in the PhD program here.

Application Requirements & Course Descriptions

Admission requirements for the Food Science PhD are available through the Graduate Calendar.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter semester (January): Accepted until November 1st
  • Summer semester (May): Accepted until March 1st
  • Fall semester (September): Accepted until July 1st

More Information

Tricia Townsend
Food Science Academic Secretary

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