For TA/GSA-1 Applicants

Am I eligible to apply for a TA/GSA-1 Work Assignment?

  • Only registered University of Guelph students are eligible to apply for TA/GSA-1 work assignments.  
  • University of Guelph students are encouraged to update their Profile Information prior to each new semester in which you are submitting an application(s). 
  • You must be logged in with your University of Guelph ID and password to apply for a TA/GSA-1 work assignment.


The TA Work Agreement


The TA Work Agreement

It is the joint responsibility of the supervisor and the TA/GSA-1 to hold a meeting to discuss responsibilities and estimated hours of work and complete the TA Work Agreement.  This meeting is to take place within five (5) days of the commencement of employment and is included in the assigned hours of work.

You will coordinate with your Supervisor as to how you will complete the TA Work Agreement.  You have the option of

What is a Job Security Period (JSP)?

Graduate students within their Job Security Period have been guaranteed work in their Offer of Admission (i.e., the Graduate Student Guaranteed Income/Funding Form). To be considered for fulfillment of a secured work assignment(s), Graduate students within their JSP MUST apply to at least one work assignment in the semester in which they will be assigned a secured work assignment(s), indicating their Level of Consideration 1.


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