For Sessional Lecturer Applicants

Am I eligible to apply for a Sessional Lecturer Work Assignment?

All qualified candidates are eligible to apply for Sessional Lecturer work assignments.  If you do not have a central login account, and do not have a current account, you can create a new Profile. You must update all your Profile information and be logged in to apply for a SL work assignment.



What is Right of First Refusal (RoFR)?


Effective Fall 2019, a Sessional Lecturer holds a Right of First Refusal (RoFR; i.e., for a particular course) should the course be offered as a SL work assignment in one of the following six (6) semesters. 

Sessionals will be invited to exercise their Right of First Refusal by way of the online hiring system. Except in extenuating circumstances, failure to accept the invitation within the timeframe provided will be deemed as a refusal to exercise their Right of First Refusal.

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