SL220060-Fall 2022-CIS*1500 Introduction to Programming

Sessional Lecturer Work Assignment
Sessional Lecturer, Unit 2
Academic Unit: 
School of Computer Science
Semester(s) of Assignment(s): 
Fall 2022
Number of Available Work Assignment(s) / Sections: 
Level of Work Assignment(s): 
Right of First Refusal (RoFR)
A Sessional Lecturer holds a RoFR (i.e., for a particular course) if they have successfully taught the course in the past six (6) semesters. A SL who holds a RoFR to this course is required to exercise their right by way of the online hiring system. Also see: What is Right of First Refusal (RoFR)?
A Sessional Lecturer Currently Holds a Right of First Refusal for this Course: 
Number of Assignments that Carry the Right of First Refusal: 
Course Details
Course Number: 
Course Name: 
Introduction to Programming
Course Format: 
Course Description: 
See Course Calendar
Other Course Description or Assignment Information: 
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING WORK ASSIGNMENTS AND COURSE DELIVERY IN OUR FALL RETURN-TO-CAMPUS PLANNING. The University will be offering a significant portion of its courses face-to-face “In-Class”. Remote and alternative delivery modes will also occur. Should conditions change and requirements are placed on the University and its employees by public health bodies, local, provincial, and federal governments, courses posted as ‘In-Class’ may have to switch to an alternative delivery format (see By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to fulfill the duties in the mode of delivery posted and switch as required. Should you require a medical accommodation, please notify your supervisor immediately. Requirements for Fall 2022 course delivery include: • Course should be designed and delivered within an inclusive and accessible learning environment consistent with the principles of Universal Instructional Design (see: • Course learning activities and assessments are to be created to easily accommodate a switch to alternative delivery methods. • Submission of a final and deferred exam, if applicable, to Department ahead of the exam period. • Plan to offer final exam, if applicable, in a modified format if there is another disruption of face-to-face classes. The University’s COVID-19 website provides important information about campus protocols and guidelines for those working on campus. Please contact Joshua Lange ( should you like to discuss the options for the delivery of this course prior to making an application.
Projected Class Enrolment: 
Anticipated Duties and Responsibilities
Anticipated Duties and Responsibilities: 
Office Hours
Student Consultation
Email Correspondence/Monitoring
TA Coordination Meetings
Invigilating Exams
Other Duties (specified below)
Other Duties Described: 
• Collaborate in creating examination materials, online examples, and remedial and enrichment materials. • Collaboratively develop and deliver material and examples to students. • Monitor course forums and answer questions, ensuring consistency of answers across all course sections (DE and face to face). • Maintain a FAQ section for each assignment on the course website (Courselink). • Use provided support queue (RT) to manage student email requests. • Collaborate in creating and assigning tasks to teaching assistants within the support queue. • Participate in weekly instructional team meetings for CIS*1500. • Attending meetings, as required. • Managing the Teaching Assistants for the course. • Attending meetings with students and be available for advising times. • Developing assignments and marking schemes. • Providing course materials and assignments to students. • Providing evaluations to student securely and confidentially. • Instructors must hold a meeting with teaching assistants at the beginning and end of term. • Instructors must be available for advising times with students, as required by the students.
Required Qualifications
Masters related to field
Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or closely related discipline.
Prior Teaching Experience: 
Successful teaching related to field at college or university level
Experience teaching large class sizes in a post secondary distance education format.
Required competence, capability, skill and ability related to course content: 
• Able to fluently communicate in spoken and written English (must be able to quickly read and understand student questions as well as respond in writing). • A strong understanding of C programming and related competencies. • Familiar with using tools like forums and drop boxes to manage a course. • Experience with Courselink (as TA or Instructor). • Very experienced with command line Linux including c compilation and debugging. It is extremely important that students in CIS*1500 have the same learning opportunities and instructional approach regardless of lecture section. • Ability to write example programs in C on Linux using gcc as the compiler. • Experience using command line git client on Linux. • Experience with shell scripting. • Experience using support or ticketing queue systems. • Experience teaching large class sizes in a distance education format.
Preferred Qualifications
Specific Preferred competence, capability, skill and ability related to course content: 
• Student evaluations from previously taught courses are primarily positive. • Used command line Linux including c compilation and debugging in a previous job. • A strong understanding of C programming and related competencies. • Experience with scripting languages including expect, perl and python. • Extensive experience creating interactive course materials with Courselink. • Prior experience using tools like forums and drop boxes in a course setting. • Prior experience managing a support queue including creating and assigning tickets and estimating times for task completion.
Days Required and Wages
Days and Times Required: 
See duties and qualifications above, as well as WebAdvisor for lecture days and times.
Period of the Work Agreement (Start Date and End Date): 
September 6, 2022 to December 23, 2022
Wages (per semester, per full-load): 
minimum $7,758.48 (effective 2022/23)
Other Posting Information
Application Deadline (All postings will automatically expire at 11:59 pm on this day): 
Thursday, July 7, 2022
Posting Email Contact:
Hiring Contact Information: 
Minglun Gong Director, School of Computer Science

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