SL243390-Winter 2023-FRAN*6090 Practicum in Couple and Family Therapy - 4

Sessional Lecturer Work Assignment
Sessional Lecturer, Unit 2
Academic Unit: 
Family Relations and Applied Nutrition
Semester(s) of Assignment(s): 
Winter 2023
Number of Available Work Assignment(s) / Sections: 
Level of Work Assignment(s): 
2.0 (double weighted)
Right of First Refusal (RoFR)
A Sessional Lecturer holds a RoFR (i.e., for a particular course) if they have successfully taught the course in the past six (6) semesters. A SL who holds a RoFR to this course is required to exercise their right by way of the online hiring system. Also see: What is Right of First Refusal (RoFR)?
A Sessional Lecturer Currently Holds a Right of First Refusal for this Course: 
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Course Details
Course Number: 
Course Name: 
Practicum in Couple and Family Therapy - 4
Course Format: 
Course Description: 
See Course Calendar
Other Course Description or Assignment Information: 
Integrative Practice: This course is the fourth practicum in a series of four clinical training practica in Couple and Family Therapy. This offering is focused on integrative practice and is designed to help students more deeply integrate systemic relational theory with the three other therapeutic models (Dialogic, SFT and Narrative) to-date and in a way that best supports the style of the emerging therapist. Particular attention to issues of power and diversity will also be addressed.  This course features supervised clinical practice in couple and family therapy. This assignment involves regular supervision of clinical work with couples, families, and individuals. Students meet with instructor each week for up to six hours of supervision. Supervision over the semester will involve both group and individual/dyadic meetings.   
Projected Class Enrolment: 
Anticipated Duties and Responsibilities
Anticipated Duties and Responsibilities: 
Office Hours
Student Consultation
Email Correspondence/Monitoring
Other Duties (specified below)
Other Duties Described: 
(1) In conjunction with the CFT Academic Program Director and/or Director of Clinical Training, develop a course outline in keeping with the course description provided above, to be reviewed/approved by the Department Chair one week before the start of classes. (2) Course should be designed and delivered within an inclusive and accessible learning environment consistent with the principles of Universal Instructional Design (see: (3) Creation and maintenance of CourseLink site, including readings (imported from the ARES Course Reserves System) and discussion board monitoring where appropriate. (4) Preparation and delivery of the course material in an organized and effective matter. (5) Providing supervision (involves being available at least 3 half days per week) and being available by phone for some day and evening emergency on-call responsibilities. (6) Effective and professional communication. (7) Providing feedback to clinical documentation and practice for all supervised clients at designated intervals. (8) Attend 1 to 3 curriculum meetings and supervisory consultation meetings with Centre faculty and staff. (9) Office hours when needed and regular student email consultation. (10) Consult with the Director of Clinical Training around all client and supervision issues. (11) Complete Accessible Service Provision, Making Education Accessible and Environmental Health and Safety online courses, if not previously completed. (12) Following the end of the semester, as per Article 14.10(a) in the CUPE 3913 Unit 2 Collective Agreement, you may also be requested to perform work as outlined therein. Reimbursement will be paid in accordance with Schedule "B" of the Collective Agreement upon submission of the extra hours and dates worked to the Department Chair, provided the Department Chair and Sessional previously agreed to the specific work/hours/dates.  
Required Qualifications
Masters related to field
Registered Psychotherapist who meets CRPO Clinical Supervisor requirements & CAMFT member as RMFT- SM Supervisor Mentor, RMFT-S Supervisor, RMFT-SQ Supervisor Qualifying, CAMFT Alternate Approved Supervisor (provide approved alternate status proof).
Prior Teaching Experience: 
No teaching experience required
Required competence, capability, skill and ability related to course content: 
APPLICANTS MUST INCLUDE A COVER LETTER WITH A DETAILED EXPLANATION OF EACH REQUIRED AND PREFERRED QUALIFICATION IN ADDITION TO THEIR CV. You are required to demonstrate: (1) Recent engagement with (a) clinical and supervisory experience (b) knowledge of theories and models of couple and family therapy, including (i) family systems theory (ii) collaborative models and approaches, as evidenced by active research and/or professional engagement in the field. (2) Strong (a) written (b) verbal and (c) online communication skills.   
Preferred Qualifications
PhD related to field
Prior Teaching Experience: 
Successful teaching related to field at college or university level.
Specific Preferred competence, capability, skill and ability related to course content: 
Knowledge of current research evidence supporting the Couple & Family Therapy Models included in this course (as listed above).  
Days Required and Wages
Days and Times Required: 
(1) Providing supervision which involves being onsite at least 3 half days per week, exact days to be determined. (2) Some evenings on-call, to be negotiated with the Director of Clinical Training. (3) Class time Wednesday's 1:30PM - 4:30PM
Period of the Work Agreement (Start Date and End Date): 
January 5, 2022 to May 2, 2022
Wages (per semester, per full-load): 
minimum $7,758.48 (effective 2022/23)
Other Posting Information
Application Deadline (All postings will automatically expire at 11:59 pm on this day): 
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Posting Email Contact:
Hiring Contact Information: 
Cathy Walsh, Administrative Assistant, on behalf of Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Chair, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, 519-824-4120 x56321 MINS 245       Cathy Walsh, Administrative Assistant, on behalf of Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Chair, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, 519-824-4120 x56321 MINS 245           Cathy Walsh, Administrative Assistant, on behalf of Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Chair, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, 519-824-4120 x56321 MINS 245        Cathy Walsh, Administrative Assistant, on behalf of Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Chair, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, 519-824-4120 x56321 MINS 245             

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