Program Courses

Core Courses

Courses offered by the Bioinformatics program for students in MBinf and BINF MSc and PhD programs. May be taken by students outside the bioinformatics program with the instructor's permission.

BINF*6110 Genomic Methods for Bioinformatics W [0.50]

This course provides an introduction to current and emerging methods used to generate genomic data analyzed in bioinformatics. This may include techniques for DNA sequencing as well as transcriptome, proteome and metabolome analysis. The objective is to develop an appreciation for the challenges of producing data.

BINF*6210 Software Tools for Biological Data Analysis and Organization F [0.50]

This course will familiarize students with tools for the computational acquisition and analysis of molecular biological data. Key software for gene expression analyses, biological sequence analysis, and data acquisition and management will be presented. Laboratory exercises will guide students through application of relevant tools.

BINF*6410 Bioinformatics Programming F [0.50]

This course will introduce bioinformatics students to programming languages. Languages such as C and Perl will be introduced with a focus on bioinformatics applications. The topics covered will serve to aid students when existing software does not satisfy their needs.

BINF*6420 Biosequence Pattern Analysis W [0.50]

This course is an overview course on different approaches to analyze biological sequences. Basic concepts are introduced, as well as related algorithms.

BINF*6500 Ph.D. Research Writing U [1.00]

A literature review will be completed, along with early research work, in this two-semester course. The student will produce a report at the end of each semester. Note: this course can only be taken by students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Bioinformatics program.

BINF*6890 Topics in Bioinformatics F [0.50]

Selected topics in bioinformatics will be covered. The course might focus on biological or informatics topics, or upon a mixture of both.

BINF*6970 Statistical Bioinformatics W [0.50]

This course presents a selection of advanced approaches for the statistical analysis of data that arise in bioinformatics, especially genomic data. A central theme to this course is the modelling of complex, often high-dimensional, data structures.

BINF*6999 Bioinformatics Master’s Project U [1.00]

A major research paper is completed and presented by students in the Master of Bioinformatics program.

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