Student Testimonials

“The bioinformatics program engages faculty from different colleges across the campus to teach and advise students. As a result, there is a well-structured curriculum that covers computational statistics, genomics and computer sciences. Each student is advised by two experts, a biologist and a computational scientist or a computational statistician. This allows for collaborative research and a wonderful opportunity to develop strong interdisciplinary networks. I believe that the combination of core coursework, comprehensive exam, and participation in interdisciplinary research has given me a depth of knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful research career. Now I feel confident to solve real-life machine learning problems and take on leadership roles.”

Anjali Silva, MBINF ’13 and current PhD student

“The bioinformatics program at Guelph provided me with foundational skills to analyze and understand large amounts of biological data. I had very little computing experience during my undergraduate years, and the degree introduced programming skills in the familiar and exciting context of biological problems. These skills have allowed me to pursue a doctoral degree using novel computational approaches to analyze high-throughput sequencing data, giving me an advantage over wet-lab researchers as genomic studies rely on analyzing ever increasing sizes of sequencing datasets.”

Heather Gibling, MBINF ‘15

“I would recommend the Bioinformatics program at the University of Guelph to anyone with a genuine interest in applying computational and statistical tools to address fundamental questions in biology. The program is tailored to students with diverse academic backgrounds. Small class sizes allowed for maximal interaction with students and faculty, primarily through presentations. Classes were very hands-on, covering a wide variety of theoretical and applied topics including microarray analysis and DNA sequencing, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In the course of completing my Masters degree in Bioinformatics, I had the opportunity to conduct my summer project in the field of biodiversity informatics, where I developed an interest in DNA barcoding. After completing my degree, I collaborated with my advisor on a publication of my work. Currently, I am continuing my Masters work as a PhD student at the University of Guelph under the supervision of my Masters advisor.”

Jarrett Philips, MBINF ‘14

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