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Dr. Ronald Brooks
Professor Emeritus

Ronald Brooks



B.Sc. - Toronto 1963
M.Sc. - Toronto 1966
Ph.D. - Illinois 1970


The major focus of my current research is life history of turtles, particularly the relationships among age at first reproduction, reproductive output, body size and growth rates and longevity. I am also especially interested in the changes in correlation among life history measures when these measures are examined among species, among populations, among individuals and within individuals over time. I also am investigating temperature dependent sex determination in turtles and how species with TDSD control sex ratio. Some of my graduate students are examining thermoregulation and temperature selection in relation to home range dynamics in the snapping turtle. I am also interested in the social behaviour of small mammals particularly infanticide and parental care and the evolution of these behaviour patterns.

Selected Publications

*Bolton, R.M., Marshall, S.A., Brooks,R.J. 2008. Opportunistic exploitation of turtle eggs by Tripanurga importuna (Walker) (Diptera:Sarcophagidae).Canadian Journal of Zoology 86: 151-160.

*Rollinson, N, Tattersall, GJ., Brooks, RJ. 2008 Submitted June 6, 2006.  Overwintering habitats of a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta):winter temperature selection and dissolved oxygen concentration. Journal of Herpetology. 42:312-321.

*Amato, M.L., Brooks, R.J., Fu, J. 2008. A phylogeographic analysis of  populations of the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) throughout its range. Molecular Ecology; 17:570-581.

Brown, G.S., Rettie, W.J., Brooks, R.J., Mallory, F.F. 2007. Predicting the impacts of forest management on woodland caribou habitat suitability in black spruce boreal forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 245:137-147.

*Rollinson, N., Brooks, R.J. 2008. Sources and significance of intraspecific reproductive variation in a northern population of painted turtles. Copeia 2008: in press.

*Carriere, M-A., Rollinson, N. Suley, A.N., Brooks, R.J. 2008 Thermoregulation when the season is short: sex-biased basking patterns in a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys   picta). J. Herpetology:42: 206-209.

*Rollinson, N., Brooks, R. J. 2007. Optimal offspring provisioning when species’ egg size is  constrained: a case study on the painted turtle (Chrysemys picta). Oikos: 117: 154-171.

*Samson, J., Hughes, E.J., Brooks, R.J.  2007.  Excavation is a non-deleterious method to obtain fecundity and morphometric data from eggs of freshwater turtles.  Chel. Cons. Biol. 5: 263-266.

*Hughes, E.J., Brooks, R.J. 2008. Nest-site selection and survival to hatch in a northern population of midland painted turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata). Can. J. Zool. 85:in press

*Rollinson, N., Brooks, RJ. 2007. Marking nests increases the frequency of nest depredation in a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta). J. Herpetol. 41(1):174-176.

*Rollinson, N., Brooks, R.J. 2007 Proximate constraints on reproductive output: an empirical test of the bet-hedging hypothesis in a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta). Can J Zool..85(2):177-184.

MacKinnon, C.A., Lawson, A., Stevens, E.D., Brooks, R.J.  2006.  Body temperature fluctuations in free-ranging eastern foxsnakes (Elaphe gloydi) during cold-water swimming.  Can. J. Zool. 84: 9-19.

Crowley, J.F., Brooks, R.J.  2005.  Protected areas and the conservation of Ontario’s reptile species at risk: safe havens or false hopes? Proc. Ontario.  Parks Research Forum 8: 10-17.

MacKinnon, C.A., Moore, L.A., Brooks, R.J.  2005.  Why did the reptile cross the road?  Landscape factors associated with road mortality of snakes and turtles in the southeastern Georgian Bay Region.  Parks Research Forum 8: 18-25.

*Ashpole, S.L., Bishop, C.A., Brooks, R.J.  2004.  Contaminant residues in snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) eggs from the Great Lake-St. Lawrence Basin (1999-2000).  Arch. Env. Contam. Toxicol. 28: 295-322.


BIOL*3130 Conservation Biology I
ZOO*4280 Mammalogy
ZOO*4410 Field Ecology
PHIL*6740 Philosophy & Biology*
Co-teaching course with Michael Ruse


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