Welcome to Integrative Biology

We are a diverse biology department dedicated to excellence in research and scholarship. Our department consists of full-time faculty who lead research in three overlapping themes, including comparative animal physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Our comprehensive undergraduate program prepares students for a wide range of career options, including opportunities in business, medicine and biotechnology, industry, environmental management and conservation, research and education. We believe that integration of knowledge across levels of biological complexity is required for addressing many of today’s pressing societal challenges.



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Hey IB department! Tickets to our Holiday Party are on sale now! Come see Connie in room 2484 to purchase your tick… https://t.co/JFwlTZfuZD

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research on red squirrels from and grey jay research from are featured on t… https://t.co/8uCKZv0hPZ

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RT : Red squirrel research from and Gray Jay research from our lab featured on this week's The Natu… https://t.co/fsKrDXbYK3