Strategic Plan

It is the vision of the Department of Integrative Biology to become an international leader in creating, translating, and applying our understanding of life to contemporary problems using physiological, ecological, and evolutionary perspectives. We are guided by the following principles:

  • To integrate multiple axes of inquiry in research, instructing and training.
  • To identify and solve existing and emerging multi-level, complex biological questions by challenging the status quo, pursue excellence in research and teaching and champion innovation that can be achieved by adopting an integrative and interdisciplinary approach.
  • To pursue an integrative and interdisciplinary research approach through dynamic collaborations within and outside the department.
  • To educate, instruct and train the next generation of scholars and biology-literate citizens at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels using evidence-based high impact educational practices including active and experiential approaches and facilitate opportunities for national and international impact.
  • To foster productivity and innovation through a working environment focused on wellness, equity, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility.
  • To communicate with and engage society and decision makers in our research to assist with solving problems relevant to the sustainability and wellbeing of society and the environment.


The complete Strategic Plan for Integrative Biology can be viewed below.

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