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Dr. Douglas Fudge
Associate Professor

Dr. Douglas Fudge


Office: SSC 3470
Ext: 56418
Lab: SSC 3409/3410
Ext: 56213

The Fudge Lab


My interests in marine biology began in grade school when I started fishing for bluefin tuna with my father in the Gulf of Maine. Those days on the water made an indelible impression on me, eventually inspiring me as an undergraduate to study biology. After graduating from Cornell with degrees in Biology and Science Education, I taught high school science for two years and worked as a technician at the Shoals Marine Laboratory in Maine. My experience at Shoals convinced me to make a career of marine biology and enrol at the University of Guelph, where I worked on the physiology of bluefin tuna. After receiving my MSc from Guelph, I worked on a variety of tuna tagging projects with Barbara Block at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I did my PhD with John Gosline at the University of British Columbia, where I specialized in comparative animal biomechanics. My dissertation on hagfish slime led to some unexpected insights into the mechanical design of animal cells, which I pursued as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in Wayne Vogl's lab in the Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of British Columbia. Research in my lab focuses on the comparative physiology and biomechanics of hagfishes. We also work on a group of fibrous proteins known as intermediate filaments. See below for more information on current research projects.


BA- Cornell 1991
MAT - Cornell 1992
MSc - Guelph 1996
PhD - British Columbia 2002


There are currently five research projects underway in my lab. For more details on these projects, visit Fudge Lab website.

Recent Publications

Winegard TM, Herr JE, Mena C, Lee B, Dinov I, Bird D, Bernards M, Hobel S, Van Valkenburgh B, Toga A & Fudge DS (2014) Coiling and maturation of a high performance fibre in hagfish slime gland thread cells, Nature Communications 5:3534 doi: 10.1038/ncomms4534.

Bernards MA, Oke I, Heyland A and Fudge DS (2014) Spontaneous unravelling of hagfish slime thread skeins is mediated by a seawater-soluble protein adhesive, J. Exp. Biol. 217: 1263-68.

Pinto N, Negishi A, Yang F-C, Rheinstadter M, Gillis TE, and Fudge DS (2014). Self-assembly enhances the strength of fibres made from vimentin intermediate filament proteins, Biomacromolecules 15: 574-581.

Gleason JE, Fudge DS and Robinson B (2014) Eco-mechanics of lamellar autotomy in larval damselflies, J. Exp. Biol., 217: 185-91.

Negishi A, Armstrong CL, Kreplak L, Rheinstadter MC, Lim L-T, Gillis TE, and Fudge DS (2012) The production of fibers and films from solubilized hagfish slime thread proteins, Biomacromolecules 13: 3475-3482.

Greenberg DA and Fudge DS (2012) Regulation of hard alpha-keratin mechanics via control of intermediate filament hydration: Matrix squeeze revisited. Proc. Roy. Soc. B 280:2012-2158.

Beriault DR, Haddad O, McCuaig JV, Robinson ZJ, Russell D, et al. (2012) The Mechanical Behavior of Mutant K14-R125P Keratin Bundles and Networks in NEB-1 Keratinocytes. PLoS ONE 7(2): e31320.

Fudge DS, McCuaig JV, Van Stralen S, Hess JF, Wang H, Mathias RT, and FitzGerald PG (2011) Intermediate filaments regulate tissue size and stiffness in the murine lens. Invest. Ophth. Vis. Sci. 52: 3860-3867.

Ewoldt RH, Winegard TM, and Fudge DS (2010) Non-linear viscoelasticity of hagfish slime. Int. J. Nonlin. Mech. 46: 627-636.

Fudge DS, Hillis S, Levy N, and Gosline JM (2010) Hagfish slime threads as a biomimetic model for high performance protein fibres. Bioinsp. Biomim. (2010) 5: 035002.

Szewciw LJ, de Kerckhove D, Grime G, and Fudge DS (2010) Calcification provides mechanical reinforcement to whale baleen alpha-keratin. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 277: 2597-2605.

Winegard TM and Fudge DS (2010) Deployment of hagfish slime thread skeins requires the transduction of mixing forces via mucin strands. Journal of Experimental Biology, 213: 1235-40.

Herr JE, Winegard TM, O'Donnell MJ, Yancey PH, and Fudge DS (2010) Stabilization and swelling of hagfish slime mucin vesicles. Journal of Experimental Biology, 213: 1092-1099.

Fudge DS, Szewciw LJ, and Schwalb AN (2009) Morphology and development of blue whale baleen: An annotated translation of Tycho Tullberg's classic 1883 paper. Aquatic Mammals 35: 226-252.

Fudge DS, Winegard T, Ewoldt RH, Beriault DL, Szewciw LJ, and McKinley GH (2009) From ultra-soft slime to hard alpha-keratins: The many lives of intermediate filaments. Integrative and Comparative Biology 49: 32-39.

Fudge DS, Russell D, Beriault D, Moore W, Lane EA, and Vogl AW (2008) The intermediate filament network in keratinocytes is remarkably extensible and resilient. PLoS ONE 3(6): e2327.

Kreplak L and Fudge DS (2007). Biomechanical properties of intermediate filaments: from tissues to single filaments and back. Bioessays 29: 26-35.


ZOO*2700 Invertebrate Morphology & Evolution
ZOO*3700 Integrative Biology of Invertebrates
ZOO*4570 Marine Ecological Processes

Undergraduate Research Students

Justine Ammendolia
Stella Lopes
Jean-Luc Stiles

Grad Students

Sarah Boggett (MSc)
Shannon Ferraro (MSc)
Sarah Schorno (PhD)

Research Assistants

Dr. Atsuko Negishi


Fudge Lab

Guelph Biophysics Interdepartmental Group (B.I.G.)

Shoals Marine Laboratory