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Dr. Todd Gillis
Associate Professor

Dr. Todd Gillis


Office: SSC 3471
Ext: 58786
Lab: SSC 3409/3410
Ext: 56213

The Gillis Lab


My interest in biology derives from having spent most of my summers growing up in, or on, the waters surrounding Tobermory, Ontario. These interests led me to study marine biology at the University of Guelph where I became fascinated by the biochemical and physiological adaptations that allow animals to live under extreme environments. I completed an MSc with Dr. Jim Ballantyne at Guelph looking at temperature adaptation in gill mitochondrial membranes from Arctic and temperate marine bivalves. My PhD, with Dr. Glen Tibbits at Simon Fraser University, focused upon the mechanisms that enable cardiac function in trout at their comparatively low physiological temperature. This work specifically focused on the structure-function relationships of a protein called troponin C that enable it to work at low temperatures. As a NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Mike Regnier in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, I worked on a variety of projects looking at the thin filament regulatory proteins and their role in controlling cardiac contractility. Here at Guelph my research program is focused upon the vertebrate heart and the mechanisms that regulate its function. The underlying theme of this work is the evolution of protein structure and function and the role this plays in determining the physiological scope of organisms.


B.Sc. - Guelph 1994
M.Sc. - Guelph 1996
Ph.D. - Simon Fraser University 2002
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington 2002-2005


My general research interests lie in the mechanisms that regulate cardiac function. More specifically I am interested in the role of cardiac proteins in regulating cardiac contraction and how these have been manipulated, through evolution, to enable cardiac function over a range of physiological conditions. A great deal can be learned of the biochemical basis of physiological adaptation by characterizing the function of different protein isoforms cloned from species that live under different environmental conditions. For further detail of the work in my lab please visit the Gillis Lab


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IBIO*4200 Integrative Vertebrate Biology
IBIO*4220 Lab Studies in Ichthyology
ZOO*2100 Animal Developmental Biology

Grad Students

Lauren Gatrell (MSc)
Elizabeth Johnston (PhD)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Sarah Alderman
Dr. Laura Dindia


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