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Dr. Andrew McAdam
Associate Professor

Dr. Andrew McAdam


Office: SSC 2457
Ext.: 56826
Lab: SSC 2403/2404
Ext.: 54582

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I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the ecological mechanisms of short-term evolutionary change in natural populations. Research in my lab investigates the biotic and abiotic factors influencing the strength and mode of selection and genetic and environmental constraints on adaptation. These include interactions between closely associated species, and the effects of food, predators and climate on adaptation. I am also interested in the evolutionary consequences of social interactions including maternal effects and effects of the local social neighbourhood on adaptation. I use observational and experimental approaches in the field and in captivity, as well as a variety of quantitative statistical techniques, but these are motivated by a core interest in understanding the causes and consequences of natural variation in wild populations.


B.Sc. - McGill University
M.Sc. - University of Western Ontario
Ph.D. - University of Alberta

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Selected Publications

McFarlane, S. E., J. C. Gorrell, D. W. Coltman, M. M. Humphries, S. Boutin, and A. G. McAdam. 2015. The nature of nurture in a wild mammal's fitness. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 282 (1806). DOI

Miehls, A. L. J., S. D. Peacor and A. G. McAdam. 2014. Gape-limited predators as agents of selection on the defensive morphology of an invasive invertebrate. Evolution 68 (9): 2633-2643. DOI

Stewart, F. E. C. and A. G. McAdam. 2014. Seasonal plasticity of maternal behaviour in Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis. Behaviour 151 (11): 1641-1662. DOI

Dantzer, B., A. E. M. Newman, R. Boonstra, R. Palme, S. Boutin, M. M. Humphries, and A. G. McAdam. 2013. Density triggers maternal hormones that increase adaptive offspring growth in a wild mammal. Science 340: 1215-1217. DOI

McAdam, A. G. and S. Boutin. 2004. Maternal effects and the response to selection in red squirrels. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B. 271: 75-79. DOI

Réale, D., A. G. McAdam, S. Boutin, and D. Berteaux. 2003. Genetic and plastic responses of a northern mammal to climate change. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B. 270: 591-596. DOI

McAdam, A. G., S. Boutin, D. Réale, and D. Berteaux. 2002. Maternal effects and the potential for evolution in a natural population of animals. Evolution 56: 846-851. DOI

Grad Students

Simon Denommé-Brown (MSc.)
Giuseppe Fiorino (MSc.)
Erin Siracusa (Ph.D.)
Julia Kilgour (Ph.D.)


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