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Workshop - Elevating your Social Media Brand

Social media is an effective tool that can expand your brand or company to internal and external audiences. When growing a business through a social media channel, it is crucial to understand how to make your content accessible, how to plan content, and how to decide what platforms best represent your brand. In this workshop, we will provide practical steps to help you create a consistent brand that aligns with the story behind your company or department. Topics Covered: Creating a Brand Palette How to increase your following on social media How...

Workshop - Building a Sustainable Business: Friendlier Company

Special Guest, Kayli Dale from Friendlier, will walk us through her journey of building a start-up right after graduating university (and at the beginning of a pandemic). In this one hour session, Kayli will focus on the first steps she took to build the business, the challenges she faced early on, and the specific advantages/disadvantages around building a cleantech/sustainability-focussed venture.

Workshop - Start-up Business Finance 101: Budgeting, Managing, and Financial Jargon

Join the Wood Centre during our fourth Workshop of the semester, to learn about the first steps of Start-up Business Finances presented by Erin Young! Understanding your business’ financials is important for any start-up. It can get very overwhelming, especially when it comes to all the tools required to track money. Budgets, Cash flows, and Revenue Projections, are all necessary but what do they even mean? Why do you have to do them? What do you do with that shoebox of receipts? This session will explain why, what they are, and how you do them. You’ll learn the basics and best practices,...

Workshop - Going Beyond HeforShe: An Open Discussion around Gender Equality and Inclusivity

This guided discussion serves as an opportunity for the U of G community to connect and discuss the importance of gender equality and inclusivity. We will be diving into the nuances of identity and the importance of providing equity. This discussion will encourage folks to grow in their understanding and allyship while providing equity of space to all who are present.

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