Terms and Conditions

The aim of the work study program is to help University of Guelph students with financial need meet their education costs by working part-time on campus during the academic year. This program provides benefits to the students and the hiring departments as they work toward meeting operational objectives.

  1. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 1.50 credits (1.0 for permanently disabled students) at the time of application and maintain a minimum semester credit weight of 1.50 (1.0 for permanently disabled students) for entire length of the Work Study position.
  2. Students must be approved for financial need for Work Study before they can apply for jobs through Experience Guelph.
  3. Students must have a valid social insurance number.
  4. In order to hold to the integrity and intent of the program, it is recommended that students do not work more than 10-15 hours per week.
  5. Students are not permitted to hold two Work Study jobs at the same time.
  6. Work Study Financial Need Applications are available two weeks prior to the start of the fall and summer semesters. Students can print a copy of the application from this website when it is available or from Student Financial Services, Level 3, University Centre.
  7. The cost of hiring a student under the Work Study program is shared by the hiring department and the Work Study program.

Students who submit the Financial Need Assessment Form and receive an approval email notification from Student Financial Services are eligible to participate in the Work Study program. Approved students can search for a job online from the Work Study job listings by logging into Experience Guelph. If you have any questions concerning the details or availability of the job, contact the department offering the job.

Once hired, you and/or your hiring department must return the signed Confirmation of Employment form to Student Financial Services. This is the only way we know you are working. It is important to note that you are hired as an employee of that department. Any discrepancies concerning hours of work, payroll or personnel issues should be directed to the hiring department.

The Work Study program is open to international students. Applicants are approved on a first come, first served basis. International students do not need a social insurance number to apply for the program. However, you will need a valid social insurance number once you have gained employment. See the departmental payroll administrator for the details.

Note: Work Study approval does not mean you have a job. You will need to pursue the contacts in the work study job listings, be interviewed and hired.

There are many other work opportunities that exist for students who wish to work both on and off campus. For access to these work opportunities and for help with your own career planning and job search, please contact Co-operative Education & Career Services.