Multi-Faith Resource Team

Want to talk with someone?  Need a listening ear?  Student support is offered by all members of the Multi-Faith Resource Team and is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. The Multi-Faith Resource Team works collaboratively, and within their own faith traditions, to explore questions of meaning, purpose, belonging and identity. If you are looking to enrich your spiritual life or are seeking pastoral care of any kind, we are here to listen, encourage you and support you.  No matter your faith background, even if you don't identify with any particular faith tradition, you are more than welcome to stop in and chat with a member of the Multi-Faith Resource Team.  All are welcome. 

As a diverse team, we all affirm the dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity. Together, we work to create positive spaces where all are afforded equal opportunity to thrive.   

Christian, Catholic 

Ania Krysciak | Ext. 52391

Fr. Mark Morley

Newman Centre Guelph

Our Chaplaincy seeks to provide students with opportunities for embracing the life of the Church through community, faith formation and the Mass.

Christian, Protestant

Sara DeMoor | Ext. 52392

Guelph Campus Ministry

More than anything else, Guelph Campus Ministry is a vibrant community of students.  It's a place of sharing and a way of complementing and engaging what happens on campus.

Andrew Hyde | Ext. 52390

Ecumenical Campus Ministry

The Ecumenical Campus Ministry is home of the Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Church on campus.


Praveen and Sangeeta Saxena | Ext. 52495

The Hindu Society of Guelph

Aims to foster and encourage cultural and religious activities that are related to the practice of the Hindu religion.


Gila Cotler | Ext. 56061

Guelph Hillel

Through promoting Jewish identity, cultivating student leadership and embracing religious and political diversity in an inclusive environment, Guelph Hillel will enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

Raphi Steiner | Ext. 54366

Chabad of Guelph

Chabad strives to create a warm and welcoming Jewish Student Center, where students can explore their Jewish heritage in a nonjudgmental and friendly atmosphere


Anees Munshi and Rabia Khan

Muslim Community on Campus

The Muslim community is dedicated to providing accessible services for Muslim students in order to help meet spiritual needs. Muslim students may be advised on any problems they could be having – academic, social, financial or spiritual. 

LGBTQ2IA+ Affirming 

Particular faith communities have the desire and capacity to serve as strong allies and create safe(r) faith spaces for the LGBTQ2IA+ community.  We welcome and encourage the participation and leadership of LGBTQ2IA+ individuals and hope to act as a support and link to local resources.  For more information about LGBTQ2IA+ affirming faith resources, contact Andrew Hyde at or 519-824-4120, ext. 52390.   

Can't Find What You Are Looking For? 

Many other student groups supporting religious, spiritual and secular identities can be found by contacting Sonya Wu-Winter, Coordinator, Multi-Faith Programs at, contacting the Multi-Faith Peer Helpers at, or by searching on GryphLife.  

Multi-Faith Programs and Events 

To find out more about upcoming Multi-Faith Programs and Events, email the Multi-Faith Peer Helpers at