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LGBTQ2IA+ Students

In Student Experience, it’s important to us that our program, services, and spaces are safe(r) for everybody. No matter the colour of your skin, what you believe in, where you come from, how you got here, who you love, or how you choose to identify yourself, we welcome you. In Student Experience, we like to use the term LGBTQ2IA+, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, and other identities that fall outside of cisgender and heterosexual paradigms.

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Programs, Events & Opportunities

Looking to get involved in our programs and events? Check out all of the LGBTQ2IA+ programs & events happening on campus and in the community. 

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Campus & Community Resources

Information about campus and community services, supports and resources offered for LGBTQ2IA+ undergraduate and graduate students.

Experiences in the Pandemic Survey

In December 2020, the LGBTQ2IA+ Engagement Peer Helper Team launched an anonymous survey to record student experiences in the pandemic. The goal of the project was to understand students’ experiences and promote solidarity among the community. Submissions in the report are organized into general themes that were brought up by students in their personal accounts of their experiences during the pandemic.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

The University of Guelph strives to be an inclusive environment for our community members. To this end, the University is participating in ongoing work to enhance the inventory of gender-neutral bathrooms that are available on campus. Please see below for the current listing of gender-neutral bathrooms. This list will continue to be updated as signage becomes consistent across campus and new facilities are added.

Listing of the gender-neutral bathrooms at the University of Guelph.

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions about gender-neutral bathrooms at the University of Guelph, please email or get in touch with Kyle Weitz, Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor at sgd@uoguelph.ca.

Financial Resources for LGBTQ2IA+ Students

A list of awards and scholarships available to LGBTQ2IA+ students at the University of Guelph.