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Faith and Spirituality

The Multi-Faith Programs office supports the well-being of all members of the university campus by recognizing the contributions of faith and spirituality.  Multi-Faith Programs supports: 

  • Those who identify with a religious, spiritual or secular tradition or worldview, by recognizing, respecting and celebrating diverse religious and spiritual identities through the support of religious and spiritual student groups on campus. 
  • Those who do not identify with a religious tradition but who desire to explore spirituality or questions of meaning, purpose and values while at U of G 
  • Those with or without a religious, spiritual or secular identity who desire to increase their religious literacy in order to engage our diverse world as a global citizen. 
  • Those seeking spiritual care and spiritual well-being, which are an important part of student well-being and mental health.   
dedicated community spaces supporting religious, spiritual and worldview identities.
members of the Multi-Faith Resource Team
Religious, Spiritual, and Worldview Student Groups

Resources on Campus

At the University of Guelph, we value creating spaces that are inclusive and celebrate the diverse identities of our student population which includes those who are at the intersection of LGBTQ2IA+ identity and religious, spiritual & worldview identity. The Multi-Faith Programs office and the Multi-Faith Resource Team, in collaboration with the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office, have created a list of resources that speak to that intersection. 

We always encourage and are ready to support new groups that celebrate the intersection of religious, spiritual & worldview identity and LGBTQ2IA+ identities. If you are looking for resources and support to start a new group, feel free to reach out to Sonya Wu-Winter, Coordinator of Multi-Faith Programs at and Jarred Sanchez-Cacnio, Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor, at  

Click here for a list of resources...

2021-2022 Multi-Faith Religious Holidays Calendar



Religious, Spiritual or Worldview Tradition

Monday, September 6 at Sundown - Wednesday, September 8 at Sundown

Rosh Hashanah
Recommended Accommodations: Avoid scheduling important academic deadlines, events, or activities on this date.


Wednesday, September 15 at Sundown - Thursday, September 16 at Sundown

Yom Kippur
Religious accommodation recommended.


Monday, September 20 at Sundown - Wednesday, September 22 at Sundown

Religious accommodation recommended.


Monday, September 17 at Sundown - Wednesday, September 29 at Sundown

Shemini Atzeret
Simchat Torah
Religious accommodation recommended.


Thursday, October 7 - Friday, October 15



Friday, October 15



Monday, October 18 at Sundown - Tuesday, October 19 at Sundown

Mawlid al-Nabi


Wednesday, October 20

Installation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Religious accommodation recommended.


Monday, November 1

All Saints Day

Christianity (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

Tuesday, November 2

All Souls Day

Christianity (Roman Catholic)

Thursday, November 4

Religious accommodation recommended.


Saturday, November 6 - Sunday, November 7

Birth of the Bab
Birth of Baha'u'llah

Religious accommodation recommended.


Friday, November 19

Birthdate of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Religious accommodation recommended.


Wednesday, November 24

Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji
Religious accommodation recommended.


Sunday, November 28 at Sundown - Monday, December 6 at Sundown



Saturday, December 25

Religious accommodation recommended.

Christianity (Protestant, Roman Catholic)


Several spaces on and near campus are available for quiet reflection, meditation, and prayer for individuals and small-to-medium sized groups. 

Feel free to contact the Coordinator of Multi-Faith Programs, Sonya Wu-Winter, with any questions, concerns or ideas about these multi-faith and prayer spaces.

Click here for a list of spaces on and near campus.

University of Guelph’s dining facilities are able to accommodate special food requirements due to religious or cultural practices.


A wide selection of Halal options are offered on campus and can be found at:

  • Mom’s Kitchen in the University Centre, Prairie Dining Hall, Creelman Hall
  • Hot Entrée’s in the OVC Cafeteria, Lennox-Addington Residence, Mountain Dining Hall
  • Infusion in University Centre Food Court
  • Need a Pita, Pasta, Pizza, Grab N Go

On-Campus eateries with Halal food options are often clearly denoted with a sticker for ease of identification. 

The Muslim Student Association at UofG has compiled a list of FAQs for further information: Halal Food at the University of Guelph - MSA FAQ.


A selection of kosher food can be found on campus at Creelman Hall.

  • Purchase packaged kosher sandwiches and wraps prepared at Chabad and sold on campus in Creelman Hall.
  • Email Hospitality Services 1 hour before arrival at Creelman Hall and they will warm up a double wrapped kosher meal for you. Options include chicken, fish, or meat.

Stores in the wider community

  • Longos at Gordon Rd & Claire Rd, carry the largest kosher selection in Guelph.  Limited stock of chicken & other staples.
  • Hamilton Kosher carries all the chicken and meat you’ll ever need and a wonderful selection of kosher groceries year-round. Ask them about options for delivery to Guelph.
  • Fortinos in Hamilton carries a large selection of kosher groceries year round.

Two campus groups supporting Jewish students host regular events serving kosher food.

Chabad of Guelph:

  • Join the weekly lunch & learn we fondly call deliParsha! Bite into an overstuffed deli sandwich while learning about the Torah portion of the week every Monday afternoon. Hear a short, relevant message from the weekly parsha. What’s your sauce game like?  Vegetarian options available.
  • Shabbat Dinner - Chabad of Guelph is famous for its outstanding weekly Shabbat experience. The homey and warm setting allows students to meet new friends from every niche of the UofG campus, while feasting on a gourmet home cooked meal. Experience the sweetness of Shabbat with great cuisine, lively conversation, and family warmth. Zero pressure, Total pleasure. Shabbat Shalom! Join us with your friends!
  • Shabbat lunch - Our weekly Shabbat lunch is a more intimate experience with fewer people around the table so you can truly connect with everyone. We hit the most awesome cholent every week.


Guelph Hillel:

  • Guelph Hillel has weekly bagel lunches every Wednesday from 12:00-2:00 in the University Centre Room 225.  Come for bagels, cream cheese, lox, fresh vegetables and more!  Gluten Free and Vegan options always available. 
  • Hillel also hosts a monthly Shabbat dinner.  Find out more.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegan and Vegetarian options are readily available across campus, including:

  • Nature's Best specializes in exclusively meatless options (Creelman Hall, UC Chef's Hall). Look for vegetarian and vegan dishes at Prairie and LA
  • Salad Bars serve fresh fruits, veggies, and a variety of meatless salads
  • Pasta Stations are customizable with meatless sauces and protein sources (Mountain, LA, UC Chef's Hall, Creelman Hall)
  • Grab N' Go has prepared vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and wraps. Whole fruit is also available throughout campus.
  • Nosh + Nourish offers customizable plant-based options including falafels and tofu (UC Chef's Hall)
  • Shawarma Pita meatless options include garden veggie pitas and spinach chickpea pitas (UC Chef's Hall)
  • Mongolian Grill has personalized meatless options (Creelman, Mountain UC Chef's Hall)
  • Pizzas have vegan cheese and meat options (Creelman, LA, Mountain, UC Chef's Hall)
  • Quesadillas and Burritos with plant-based options (Creelman)

Contact the Student Nutrition Awareness Program (SNAP) for more information at

Special Diets and Allergies

The university’s dining facilities are able to accommodate students with a food allergy or intolerance.  Find out more about the university’s Special Diets and Allergies Services and Special Diet Accommodation

Have Questions?  Need Help?  Help Us!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for or need further assistance, we encourage you to contact the Student Nutrition Awareness Program (SNAP) at or Multi-Faith Programs at

As we strive to keep this resource current, we appreciate your help.  Contact Sonya Wu-Winter,, Coordinator of Multi-Faith Programs, to let us know if any of this information needs to be updated.