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Get Involved

Whether you're in first year or a graduate student our events, workshops, volunteer experiences, community-engaged programs and employment opportunities can help you build community, enhance your skills, apply your academic learning in the world around you, and have a positive impact on others.

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About GryphLife

GryphLife is your online portal to student clubs and organizations, events, workshops, communities and co-curricular experiences. Check GryphLife often to sign up for events and opportunities throughout the year.

Build Community & Get Involved

Being a Gryphon means getting involved. With the university planning to have a more vibrant on-campus experience in the fall, you might be thinking… How can I make friends? How should I get involved on campus or in Guelph? Where do I start?  Here are some ideas!


Did you know that the University of Guelph has 100+ clubs? The Club Directory provides a comprehensive list of clubs that are currently available at the University. If nothing is catching your eye, you can form your own club! CSA Clubs outlines how you can form a new club here.

Peer Support Programs

Whether in first year or a graduate student, our peer to peer programs will help you enhance your skills and have a positive impact on others. Programs include the Peer Helper Program, Conversation Partners, LINK Program and more!

Develop Your Leadership Skills

In Student Experience, we know that all students have leadership capacity. Our role is to help you realize your leadership potential and support you along the way with expert guidance and information. Find out how you can develop your leadership skills. Learn more here.

Jobs & Volunteering  

Some students work while studying at U of G. You can earn while you learn! Throughout the year, on- and off-campus job opportunities are posted on Experience Guelph. As a new student, you gain access to Experience Guelph around the first week of September.   

Work Study program  

Work Study is a part-time job program to assist students with demonstrated financial need meet their educational costs by working part-time during their registered term. This program is available for eligible students after the approval of a Financial Need Assessment form. To determine if you are eligible for the Work Study program, look at the Student Financial Services’ information on the Work Study programFinancial Needs Assessment Forms are now available for the fall and winter semesters. Submit the form to Student Financial Services to apply for an in-course bursary or for approval for the Work Study Program.  

Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) program 

The Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) program is a competitive program that provides summer research opportunities to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. Students gain invaluable research experience working under the direction of U of G faculty and may expand their knowledge and understanding of their current field of study.

Undergraduate Student Research Award program   

The Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) program is meant to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in the natural sciences and engineering fields through full-time summer employment.

Student Volunteer Connections  

Volunteering is a big part of the U of G student experience. Gryphons volunteer for many reasons: to connect and engage with their community, help others, develop a social network, explore career options, gain valuable experience for their resume, or build job-related skills. 

Interested in starting your volunteer journey in Guelph? Student Volunteer Connections (SVC) is your on-campus volunteer hub! The SVC team can help you explore volunteer opportunities in the community and beyond that fit your interests, academic and career goals, and availability. Connect with them today at svc@uoguelph.ca.

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