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Advising and Support

Student Experience Advisors

Student Experience is committed to supporting students’ personal and academic goals and helping them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive both at university, and after they graduate. Advisors in Student Experience act as a central connection for students looking for direct support and information about campus resources and programs. Student Experience Advisors work with students on topics including:

  • Support with personal, financial, academic, cultural, housing and employment concerns
  • Transition support from pre-orientation to post-graduation (e.g. navigating campus, homesickness, wayfinding)
  • Referrals to support services, programs and staff both on and off campus
  • Connections to other students, community groups and resources
Wondering what the difference is between an Advisor and the Counsellors in Counselling Services?

An Advisor is a staff member that provides information about the many supports and resources available to students. An Advisor can guide and assist you in navigating the university system, explaining and clarifying institutional policies, describing the overarching expectations of students, and facilitating connections with other campus or community supports, resources or services.

Students can also access Counselling Services in the University Centre on the 3rd floor.

Portrait of June in garden

June Baldwin

Off-Campus Living Advisor
ocl@uoguelph.ca | Ext. 53357

Lease reviews, support with tenancy issues, landlord disputes, or roommate conflicts. Support in finding off-campus rentals.

Matthew Keefe

Matthew Keefe

International Student Advisor
mkeefe@uoguelph.ca | Ext. 58698

Advising and Immigration support for International Undergrad and Graduate students looking to navigate and transition to life on campus and in Canada.

Ally Stoett

Ally Stoett

Indigenous Student Advisor
astoett@uoguelph.ca | Ext. 53725

Advising and support for diploma, undergraduate, and graduate students who self-identify as First Nations (status & non-status), Métis, and Inuit.

Jenny Daines

Jenny Daines

Coordinator, Student Transitions and Engagement

Advising and support for new students, for a transition to U of G fostering academic and non-academic success.

Portrait of Ashley St. Jean

Ashley St. Jean

Leadership Education & Development Advisor

Advising and support for elected/appointed student leaders, and guidance for those looking to get involved on campus.

Portrait of Shelleane Hardinal outside

Shelleanne Hardial

Cultural Diversity Advisor
cultural.diversity@uoguelph.ca | Ext. 58192

Advising and support for students who are racially or culturally diverse, including students who self-identify as Black, People of Colour, or identify as racialized and/or as an ethnic or cultural minority.



Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor

Advising and support for students who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, and other identities that fall outside of heterosexual and cisgender paradigms.

Sonya Wu-Winter

Sonya Wu-Winter

Coordinator, Multi-Faith Programs
faith@uoguelph.ca | Ext. 58909

Support for students looking to navigate faith and spirituality resources on campus.


Multi-Faith Resource Team

The MFRT works collaboratively, and within their own faith traditions, to explore questions of meaning, purpose, belonging and identity. All are welcome.