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Student holding the transgender flag

LGBTQ2IA+ Student Clubs & Organizations

The University of Guelph has a number of student groups who provide resources, support and social opportunities for LGBTQ2IA+ students.

EngiQueers Guelph

A student group whose objective is to promote and advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ students and their allies.

Guelph Queer Equality (GQE)

A student group aimed at building capacity through social events and offering resources to students. They also help host exclusive events for Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC) for the purposes of education and healing. To learn more about QTPOC, email
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A confidential support and resource service for individuals with questions relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, online chat and other in-person support programs.
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OVC Pride Veterinary Community

A student group based out of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) creating safer spaces for the LGBTQ+ community within OVC and to help raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community within the veterinary profession.

Queer Christian Community (QCC)

The Ecumenical Campus Ministry offers QCC for people who wish to explore the intersection of Christian faith and their LGBTQ+ identities.
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Student Help and Advocacy Centre (SHAC)

A student run advocacy and referral centre that provides a safe space for students to ask questions and get information.