Dr. Marica Bakovic

Dr. Marica Bakovic

Email: mbakovic@uoguelph.ca

Office: ANNU 346
Ext: 53764
Lab: ANNU 309
Ext: 56717


B.Sc. - Belgrade
M.Sc. - Belgrade
Ph.D. - Alberta


Regulation of genes involved in choline transport and phospholipid metabolism; nutrient transporters and kinetics of membrane transport; molecular and cell biology of lipids; the effect of nutrients on protein synthesis and gene expression. Nutritional genomics (nutrigenomics) of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance

Selected Publications

Michel V, Singh RK and Bakovic M 2011. The impact of choline availability on muscle lipid metabolism. Food & Function 2(1): 53-62.

Michel V and Bakovic M 2010. Choline metabolism and transport: The sunny side of eggs-Research Essay. In: Biology of the Cutting Edge-Concepts, Issues, and Canadian Research Around the Globe (S.L. Gillies & S Hewitt Eds.), Pearson Canada, Toronto, p 63-69.

Michel V, Ma DWL and Bakovic M 2010. GPI-Anchored Proteins and Their Cellular Surroundings: Signaling Function and Medical Implications of Membrane Microdomains, In: GPI Membrane Anchors-The Much Needed Link; (Ends: John A Dangerfield & Christoph Metzner) p: 1-19, Bentham Sci Publ.eISBN: 978-1-60805-123-6 .

Fullerton M and Bakovic M 2010. Complementation of the metabolic defect in CTP: phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase (Pcyt2) deficient primary hepatocites, Metabolism 2010.

Zhu L, Michel V and Bakovic M (2009) Regulation of the mouse CTP:phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase gene Pcyt2 during myogenesis, Gene 447(1):51-9.

Fullerton MD, Hakimuddin F, Bonen A and Bakovic M. (2009) The development of a metabolic disease phenotype in CTP:phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase deficient mice. J. Biol. Chem. 284(38):25704-13.

Michael V and Bakovic M. (2009) The solute carrier 44A1 is a mitochondrial protein and mediates choline transport, FASEB J. 23(8):2749-58.

Zhu L, Johnson C and Bakovic M (2008) Stimulation of the human CTP: phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase gene by early growth response protein 1 . J Lipid Res. 49(10):2197-211.

Wood KC, Fullerton MD, El-Sohemy A and Bakovic M (2008) Interactions between hepatic lipase and apolipoprotein E gene polymorphisms affect serum lipid profiles of healthy Canadian adults. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab 33( 4): 761-8.

Fullerton MD, Hakimuddin F and Bakovic M (2007) Developmental and metabolic effects of disruption of the mouse CTP:phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase gene (Pcyt2). Mol Cell Biol . 27:3327-3336



HHNS*6440 Nutrition and Gene Expression
NUTR*4360 Current Issues in Nutrigenomics

Grad Students

N. Chaiyanon (MSc student)
M. Duric (MSc student)
J.P. Girardi (MSc student)
Z. Pavlovic (MSc student)
L. Pereira (MSc student)
S. Sivanesan (MSc student)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

R. Singh
A. Tie

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