December 2021 Year End Cut-off

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Controller's Office

Good afternoon Everyone,

As in previous years we have to make some changes to cut off dates for
December due to the Christmas Break.  They are as follows:

Payment Services:

Please have Invoices and Travel and Expense Claims to Payment Services by 4:30pm on Friday December 10th, to be included in the last payment run for December.  Any expense claims received after 4:30 pm on December 10th will be processed in the New Year.  (exception noted below)

**P&M PDR and Exempt Group PDR**

Please see due date above for Expense Claims but note that any purchases made for P&M PDR and Exempt Group PDR from December 11th to December 31st must be submitted to Payment Services by 4:30 Wednesday January 5th. Again, for all purchases made prior to December 11th see deadline above.


Treasury Operations:

Please have all December RRV's and External Invoices to Treasury Operations by 4pm on Friday, December 17th.


Controller's Office:

Please have all Journal Entries submitted to the Controller's Office by 4pm on December 21st.
Please have all Interfaces submitted to the Controller's Office by 4pm on December 21st.

Sorry for any duplication for those on multiple listservs.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact
any of the departments listed.