Procurement and Payables


The University strives to procure all goods and services by applying professional and ethical standards in the execution of contracts that protect both buyer and seller and demonstrate the prudent and economical use of resources provided to the University by its stakeholders.

  • Purchasing Services will assist in the sourcing, development of competitive bid documents, negotiation of terms and conditions, issuance of purchase orders and expediting, when requested.
  • Accounts Payable will ensure the timely and accurate payment and reporting of all non-salary disbursements to suppliers, employees and students for the University of Guelph.

Procurement & Payables Deadlines

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Please have Invoices and Travel and Expense Claims to Payment Services by 4:30pm on Wednesday December 11th, to be included in the last payment run for December.  Any expense claims received after 4:30 pm on December 11th will be processed in the New Year.  (exception noted below)


**P&M PDR and Exempt Group PDR**

Please see due date above for Expense Claims, but note that any purchases made for P&M PDR and Exempt Group PDR from December 12th to December 31st must be submitted to Payment Services by 4:30 Friday January 3rd. Again for all purchases made prior to December 12th see deadline above.

Procurement & Payables Updates

Printing Services SMC Contract

Apr 1 2020 - 07:37

We are pleased to announce that the University of Guelph has established new Printing Services contracts with: 

  • M&T Printing Group
  • Lowe-Martin Company Inc
  • Barney Printing

What is included:...

New Audio Visual Systems Solutions SMC contracts

Mar 2 2020 - 10:05

We are pleased to announce that the University of Guelph has established new Audio Visual Systems Solutions contracts with:

Applied Electronics Ltd.
Duplicom Business Products Ltd
Genesis Integration Inc
Global Unified Solution Services Inc