Petty Cash

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Petty cash is used to reimburse staff for out of pocket university purchases for $100 or less.

Petty Cash Policy Info

  • Petty Cash Station Replenishment Envelope : This Envelope is used by PC Custodians to replenish PC station when funds reach the 50% level.  PC Station Replenishment Envelopes may be purchased from the University of Guelph service provider - Staples Advantage, catalogue or E-way.
  • Petty Cash Voucher : Petty Cash Voucher is a two part form, used by University of Guelph employees for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses not exceeding $100 (see your department's Admin to obtain this form).

Petty Cash Custodians

Custodians are individuals appointed by a Department to manage a PC Station. In the event of a custodian change, an email from the department Chair or Director must be sent to the Manager of Treasury Operations for updates to be made to the department's PC Station records in Treasury Operations.  For more information on Petty Cash refer to the policy.