Scotiabank pcard Support – Treasury Operations

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Role of Treasury Operations and Procurement.

The Purchasing Services department creates the rules for the pCard program and the Treasury Department helps to educate and administer the program.

Treasury can support cardholders with new card requests, general information about the program and monitoring of accounts, such as…

  • Password resets
  • Security Questions resets
  • Addition of Fund, Grant, Object, Project, and Unit codes
  • Card cancellations
  • Update to Approvers
  • Technical issues with submitting Expense Reports

Please contact Purchasing Services for all other requests or comments.

Fraud or suspected fraud activity with your pcard.

Please contact Scotiabank directly if you detect, suspect, or question the validity of a transaction.

The Fraud Department can be reached at 1-800-813-6602-Select option 1, then option 4.

The estimated wait time is less than 2 minutes with 24/7 support. Once Scotiabank Fraud Department has been contacted, Treasury Operations should be notified of the incident, as your card will be cancelled, and a replacement card issued which will be sent to Treasury Operations. When your replacement card arrives, Treasury Operations will contact you for pickup.

Transaction denied at purchase.

The University can restrict certain purchases based on procurement policy.

Please contact Scotiabank directly or Purchasing Services.