Journal Entry System (ADI) info

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ADI (Applications Desktop Interface) is software provided by Oracle which allows you to use Excel to prepare and submit journal entries. 

Who can use ADI?

ADI can be used by employees of the University of Guelph once they have been setup as an authorized ADI user.

How do I request, change, remove or access ADI?

New User Instructions

  • Click on the New User Link and enter your Central ID and Password
  • Follow the instructions pertaining to the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Next screen allows you to select the application(s) you would like access to
  • Submit this form to your Supervisor for approval
  • Supervisor is now responsible for approving the request.
  • Once approved Financial Services will be notified to set the user up and will notify the end user when completed.

Change User Instructions

  • All steps are the same as above except for the Acceptable Use Policy, it doesn’t exist in this process as it has already been accepted

Revoke User Instructions

  • This request is initiated by the Supervisor and not the user
  • The Supervisor enters the name of the person that they would like to remove and then submits

Download Instructions

  • Please read the attached Web ADI User Guide  before attempting to use Web ADI.
  • Download the attached ADI Excel Template and then save this file.
  • After the template has been saved, you need only "double-click" it to start using ADI.

ADI Support and documentation

Here are the Journal Entry Requirements.