Current Competitive Bidding Opportunities

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University of Guelph Public Purchasing Portal

For purchases valued at $100,000 or more, the University of Guelph uses open competitive tendering process to select supplier.

To view all current open competitive opportunities, visit the University of Guelph Public Purchasing Portal above.

Where to download tender documents for a particular bid opportunity?

On the Univeristy's Public Purchasing Portal, select the bid opportunity you are interested, log in as an user to download the documents.

Suppliers must have a Bonfire user account in order to log in the portal. Registration with Bonfire is free.  Document downloading is also free.

How do I receive notice that the University has posted a tender opportunity that is of my interest?

The University currently posts tender notices on two bid solicitation platforms: Bonfire and Merx.  Documents are available for download only from Bonfire. Tender notice posted on Merx will contain a link of the opoortunity on Bonfire.

Suppliers who would like to receive tender notices are asked to register with either site for user account.  Both sites have automatic notification features built in for potential suppliers who are interested in certain opportunties to receive alerts.  Please make sure you select all commodity codes and UNSPSC codes that reflect your areas of expertise in order to be notified of opportunities in those areas.

For information about these bid solicitation platforms including fees and how to set up a user account, please inquire with Bonfire and MERX directly.

How to submit proposals for all current open competitive opportunities?

The Univeristy only accepts electronic proposal submissions through the University's public procurement portal Bonfire. No email, fax, mail or in person submission is accepted.

How to check the status of a competitive opportunity?

Log in Bonfire and check the opportunity status. A closed project means the opportunity is no longer receiving proposals and is between the evaluation and contract award.  If the project is awarded, you are able to see award information under the opportunity.  

Please do not contact the University to check the status as the University follows a strict communication blackout rule during an opportuntiy's evaluation period.  

How do I know if a competitive tendering opportunity has been awarded?

All tender awards will be posted on Bonfire. Log in and check the award informaiton.  If a contract is awarded, the University will post the award information within 72 days of the contract award.  Look for a document Notice of Contract Award, it contains all detailed information about the contract award.  Suppliers have to register with Bonfire in order to view the award information.  Registration with Bonfire is free of charge.