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Fisher Scientific - Nitrile Glove Supply Issue and COVID-19 Impacted Products

Visit COVID-19 Procurement Operations FAQ to learn how the Pandemic affects the supply of goods and services to the University.

Product or servicesort descending Suppliers Purchasing contact
Accommodation Lindsay MacDonald
Animal Feed Jesse Allen
Artificial Insemination Jesse Allen
Audio Visual Systems Solution Lindsay MacDonald
BioBar Jesse Allen
Bottled Water Lindsay MacDonald
Building Controls Products Lindsay MacDonald
Chemicals Jesse Allen
Computers Lindsay MacDonald
Custodial Supplies and Equipment Lindsay MacDonald
Document Storage Lindsay MacDonald
Electrical Supplies and Services Lindsay MacDonald
Farm Chemicals, Fertilizer Jesse Allen
Fuels Lindsay MacDonald
Gases Lindsay MacDonald
Hardware Lindsay MacDonald
HVAC Air Filters Lindsay MacDonald
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Jesse Allen
Laundry/Linen Lindsay MacDonald
Moving and Relocation Services Jesse Allen