Multi-Function Devices Contract Implementation Communication update - June 10

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Procurement/ Payables

Toner excess inventory collection:

As you know the current Multi-Function Device Rental contract is set to expire August 31, 2016 and the new agreement is effective September 1, 2016. To help with the transition of the equipment and supplies, technicians from the OE Canada will be collecting the excess toner inventory not needed for current equipment that is being transitioned out. Please note that the toner for the new equipment is different and therefore the current toner cannot be used in the new units.

The technicians will check the current levels of toner in the equipment to determine if any excesstoner should be left to make sure there is enough toner in place to last until the new equipment is installed.  Note toner inventory will not be automatically replaced.  If by some chance,  you do required extra toner please contact OE Canada, Lauren Melzer at  877-822 2422 ext. 142 or email  Toner will be available in both the Waterloo and London warehouses for emergency deliveries.  Our technician, Shawn will also have toner in his car.

If you have any concerns with this or will have some unusual upcoming situations that should be considered please contact:

Lauren Melzer
Supply Procurement and Logistics
519-649-5066 ext. 142


Lynn Sousa
Director of Administration
OE Canada  519-649-5066 ext. 119

 Training on new equipment: 

OE Canada will be conducting training sessions throughout the implementation of the new multi-functional devices. There will be two training sessions available every Monday morning on a first come first serve basis.  The training will be conducted in the McLaughlin Library where the test units are located.

The training session will start on the Monday following the first delivery date and will continue until the Monday after the last installation date. Once all order forms have been received back the delivery schedule will be established and further updates on training dates will be advised.

Sessions will be approximately one hour.

Session 1: 
9:30‎-10:30 am
Session 2: 10:30-11:30 am
Location: McLaughlin Library first floor

Note additional training is available throughout the contract as required.

Just a reminder that test units are currently available in the Library should you wish to take a look at the new models prior to the training.