New Multi-Function Devices Contract Implementation Communication Update

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Procurement/ Payables

Recommendation/Order Forms:

As you know the current Multi-Function Device Rental contract is set to expire August 31, 2016 and the new agreement is effective September 1, 2016.  As covered last week in the communication sessions there will be Equipment Recommendations/Order Forms sent out to the Admin Contacts on file.   It is planned that these forms will be sent on or about 06-JUN-2016.  These forms should be reviewed and if changes are required or you have concerns with the recommendation please reach out to Chris Paknis directly (contact information below).  These forms should be completed and returned to Chris on or before 13-JUN-2016.  If Chris does not hear from you on or before 13-JUN-2016 regarding the Recommendation/Order Form sent it is assumed that you accept the recommended replacement model. 

Please note it is your responsibility to advise the drivers, when they are onsite, as to the designated space where the old copier should be moved to await pickup.  Pick up will be done the same day the new unit is installed and signed off.  PLEASE NOTE:  Egress routes must be kept clear to ensure Fire Safety Plans remain unaffected.
The new equipment includes enhanced features and functionality that will assist departments with productivity gains at an extremely competitive cost. Cost savings for both hardware lease costs and service cost per copy charges will be evident under the new agreement which is effective September 1, 2016.  See the Purchasing Services website further information.

Demonstration/Test Equipment: 

There will be demonstration/test machines set up in the McLaughlin Library, first floor, to provide you with the opportunity to look at and try the new machines.  These units (models 4505AC, 3505AC, and 2505AC) will be available for people to access the week of June 6th, 2016.

New Equipment Implementation:

The transition from the current Toshiba fleet to the new Toshiba fleet will occur during the summer months.  Once the returned Recommendation/Order Forms have been complied, Toshiba will create a delivery schedule which will be mailed out to the Admin Contacts.  If there are concerns with the date your delivery is scheduled for please reach out to Chris Paknis.

Training sessions will be scheduled; however, the operator panels on the new Toshiba systems are very similar to what you are currently using.  

If your department’s needs have changed or you still have concerns, please contact Chris Paknis via email at or by phone at 905-334-3429 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

For equipment and implementation related questions:

Chris Paknis (,
Toshiba Account Manager
Phone: 905-334-3429

For contract related questions:

Lis Kuindersma ( (email address))
Assistant Manager, Purchasing Services
Phone: 519-824-4120 Ext. 53844


Rajna Rakanovic ( (email address))
Procurement and Contracting Officer, Purchasing Services
Phone: 519-824-4120 Ext. 53779