Process Update for Establishing and Maintaining Usage for ADI and IProcurement Users

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Controller's Office

The following new processes will allow us to maintain accurate records of all users and ensure security within the Financial Services Systems.

Beginning Monday September 17, 2018 Financial Services will be implementing a new process for establishing and maintaining users for ADI and IProcurement. 


When a new user is requesting ADI and/or IProcurement please click the following link;


Once you have clicked on the link please enter your central user id and password.  You will then follow the instructions on this page pertaining to the Acceptable Use Policy. The next screen will allow you to select the application(s) that you would like access to.  After you submit this form it is sent to your Supervisor for approval.  The Supervisor is then responsible for approving the request which in turn will generate an email to Financial Services to complete the set up.  When the set-up is complete you will receive notification.

When requesting a change to ADI or IProcurement please click the following link;

The process for changing a user’s access is again made by the user and steps to follow are the same as above except for the Acceptable Use Policy as it has already been accepted.

When revoking an ADI or IProcurement user please click the following link;

The process for revoking access is slightly different than the above as it is typically requested by the Supervisor.  The Supervisor then enters the name of the person that they want to remove and then submit the form.

We are also implementing a new process that allows us to ensure that all current ADI and IProcurement users still require access.

The need to maintain appropriate ongoing access, security and privacy around our enterprise applications requires that we obtain re-authorization of all ADI and IProcurement user accounts annually from Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Managers.

Beginning in November 2018, we will require Supervisory approval for all current users to maintain their level of responsibility.  This will be handled by providing Supervisors a list of active users of ADI and/or IProcurement.  The Supervisor will reply to the email and type “Approve” or “Delete” next to each user. 

A response must be received in Financial Services within 30 days of the date of the email or accounts will be considered invalid and the individual accounts will be deactivated.

If you have any questions or concerns with the new process please contact Kim O’Brien at for ADI, and Lynne Harbin at for IProcurement.