Tracking Your Department Open POs

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On the 1st day of each month, the Oracle system will email departments a report called UofG Open POs for every department's outstanding high value purchase orders (HVPOs). This report provides you a snap shot of all HVPOs that are outstanding for your department at the end of each month.  The report is in CSV format, which can be viewed and edited in Excel. The report will be emailed to the organizational email address your department currently uses to receive HVPOs.

To understand what type of information this report provides and how to open, edit and save the report, please review the Open POs Report FAQs.

We hope this report makes it easier for you to manage your department’s HVPOs, especially in areas of approving invoices, managing blanket POs and commitments. For example, the report can be used to:

  • review the remaining amount on the blanket POs and determine if you need to make any changes for the remainder of fiscal year or the remainder of the PO term;
  • review any invoices against your outstanding POs before approving them for payment to ensure it is not an overbilling and the invoice is paid against the POs;
  • understand the PO commitments in your FRS account and alert us if the commitments are incorrect.

If you have questions regarding this report, please contact