Treasury Operations Activities

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In order to accomplish its mission, Treasury Operations staff are engaged in the following activities:

  • Timely Receipting of all University payments and departmental RRV deposits (Revenue Remittance Vouchers)
  • Cash forecasting. Compile information from various university sources (Budget, Physical Resources, Capital, etc.) to create an ongoing cash forecast.
  • Cash concentration. Create and administer the system for funneling cash into a centralized investment account, from which cash can be most effectively invested while reconciling all bank accounts to university records.
  • Investments & Loans. Use the university investment policy for allocating excess cash to various types of investments. Staff must engage in considerable prudence to ensure that existing assets are safeguarded through the use of safe forms of investments and appropriate loan instruments.
  • Bank relations. Keep the university’s bankers apprised of its financial condition and projections, as well as any forthcoming changes in its need for borrowed funds.
  • Financial Systems. The department uses various systems – both internal (Oracle Financials & FRS) and external (Bank of Canada, etc..) in carrying out its mandate
  • Reporting. Treasury Operations staff provides the senior management team with reports concerning; cash position on various funds, market conditions, funding issues, cash-related risks, and similar topics.