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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


X--Degree Programs

Marketing Management

Department of Consumer Studies, College of Family and Consumer Studies

The Marketing Management major is interdisciplinary and follows a liberal education philosophy.

Courses to be followed are from many disciplines, departments and colleges within the University, and are designed to span 5 component areas of study:

  1. Literacy - writing and communication
  2. Numeracy - Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technology
  3. Social Science foundations
  4. Marketing foundations - buyer/market studies
  5. Marketing Management

The approach taken in this major also places a special emphasis on research techniques for marketing as well as to the requirements of marketing as a functional area of management. Students, while following the prescribed courses, may choose their electives in such a manner as to provide a particular applied focus to their marketing studies by a judicious choice from the other courses offered by the Department or the University. The major is administered by the Department of Consumer Studies in the College of Family and Consumer Studies and students are urged to consult the departmental advisor or B.Comm. program counsellor.

For the Marketing Management major, 32 courses (6 elected from lists) are required and the remainder are electives.


Semester 1

26-100 Marketing
36-120 Introductory Microeconomics
63-100 Introductory Calculus I
80-120 Dynamics of Behaviour
One restricted elective from List A or 1 elective.

Semester 2

02-222 Financial Accounting
36-110 Introductory Macroeconomics
80-231 Introduction to Social Psychology
One restricted elective from List A and 1 elective.

Semester 3

02-223 Management Accounting
26-202 Information Management
26-260 Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour
36-231 Intermediate Microeconomics
One restricted elective from List B.

Semester 4

26-304 Business and Consumer Law
36-241 Intermediate Macroeconomics
54-220 Organizational Design and Effectiveness
85-250 Management in Organizations
89-206 Statistics for Business Decisions
One restricted elective from List B.

Semester 5

02-332 Financial Management
26-303 Research Methods
26-360 Consumer Information Processes
26-361 Consumer Economics *
One restricted elective from List A or 1 elective.

* or 26-310 in semester 6

Semester 6

02-331 Operations Management
26-301 Quality Assurance
26-310 The Family in the Canadian Economy *
26-362 Advertising Management
One restricted elective from List A or 1 elective.

* if 26-361 not chosen in semester 5

Semester 7

26-302 Distribution Systems Management
26-404 Management in Product Development
36-356 Theory of Finance
Two electives.

Semester 8

02-425 Business Policy
26-405 Consumer, Business and Government Relations
26-437 Marketing Strategy
Two electives.

List A -Restricted Electives (choose 2 from any 1 subgroup)

44-110 Elementary French I
44-111 Elementary French II
44-120 French Language I
44-203 French Language II
44-210 Quebec and the Quebecois
44-230 France and the French
44-353 Administrative and Commercial French
47-110 Introductory German
47-111 Intermediate German
47-240 Contemporary Germany
47-249 German Language
49-251 The Emergence of Modern European Society 1789-1945
49-309 Nationalism and Internationalism in Europe 1914-1957
55-105 The Emergence of a United Europe
55-207 European Integration, 1957-1992
78-150 World Politics
78-210 Comparative Politics: The Contemporary State
78-308 Politics of Latin America
78-328 Modern Political Ideologies
78-346 Communism and Post-Communism
85-200 Asia
57-106 Introductory Italian I
57-107 Introductory Italian II
57-206 Intermediate Italian I
57-207 Intermediate Italian II
88-110 Introductory Spanish
88-111 Intermediate Spanish
88-200 Spanish Language I
88-201 Spanish Language II
88-204 Spanish Civilization

List B -Restricted Electives (choose 2)

26-230 Technology and the Consumer
49-115 Contemporary History: A Global Perspective
74-210 Critical Thinking
74-260 Business and Professional Ethics
78-140 Government and Administration
78-225 Public Administration
86-110 Sociology

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Commerce-- B.Comm

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