How can I fix a mistake I've made on my application?

Once an application has been saved/submitted, it cannot be edited or deleted from the system.  However, if you’ve made an error, you can:

How do I upload my University of Guelph Administrative courses ?

Upon appointment to the first work assignment, most employees are automatically enrolled in the courses and will find them on Courselink, in the "Resources" section. 

There are typically three (3) UofG administrative courses required of each employee.  Each must be completed prior to the end of the first work assignment:

Why can't I see the "Apply" button?

Why can't I see the "Apply" button?

  • Only UofG students can apply to TA/GSA-1 work assignments.
  • Registered UofG students must log in with their UofG ID (Login button at the top right navigation bar).

How do I upload my Cover letter and Resume to my application?

When applying to a Teaching Assistant (TA), Graduate Service Assistant (GSA-1) or Sessional Lecturer work assignment online, only one PDF file can be uploaded. This means you should save your cover letter, CV, references, and any appended information in one file.  You can merge PDF files here: PDFMerge.  Instructions for reducing the file size of a PDF can be found here: How to reduce PDF file size using Acrobat 9 - Acrobat Users



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