Molecular and Cellular Biology, MCB (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Plant Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics) University of Guelph


The Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) is one of three academic units within the College of Biological Science (CBS). It was established in 2005 by combining the former departments of Microbiology and Molecular Biology & Genetics, including biochemists from Chemistry & Biochemistry and faculty from Botany. You will find MCB in the Summerlee Science Complex.


SUMMER 2015 Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities.
Application Deadline Feb. 2, 2015 - details

News and Events

        • Jan 29 - AAC MCIF (Imaging Facility) Presentation and Workshop on the Quorum Diskovery Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope. Registration is required by Jan 23 - see poster for details
        • Jan 28 - Dr. Rowan Sage to present a seminar on "The Evolution of C4 Photosynthesis" in MACN113 at 1:00 pm. All Welcome!
        • Jan 20 - CFI invests in MCB Researchers, Jim Uniacke, Tariq Akhtar, Scott Ryan and John Vessey. Congratulations!
        • Jan 14 - The MCB Newsletter is back! Special thanks to Terry VanRaay, Emma Allen-Vercoe and Alison Berezuk for their hard work. Enjoy!
        • Jan 14 - President and CEO, Hoffman-La Roche, Ronnie Miller delivers presentation: "Personalized Healthcare: Implications for Patients and the Pharmaceutical Industry"
        • Jan 13 - MCB Researchers work together to fashion new spinning disk confocal scope for live 3D cell imaging
        • Jan 7 - "When Is A 'Flower' Not A Flower?" Professor Emeritus Larry Peterson celebrates new book about common observations of plants with easy-to-understand scientific explanations
        • Ongoing - MCB GSC (Grad Student Council) is bursting with activity! Check it out on Facebook

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The Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) provides a stimulating environment to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in the molecular biosciences. Our 42 faculty members direct research programs that involve multidisciplinary approaches to address novel biological questions at the level of organization of molecules to cells. Research in MCB spans a range of important eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems, and addresses fundamental and applied research problems. The Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program offers attractive opportunities for graduate studies leading to Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees. Some of our faculty members also participate in interdisciplinary graduate programs in Aquaculture, Biophysics, Neuroscience and Toxicology. Currently, faculty members supervise more than 120 graduate students. The Department is home to the undergraduate B.Sc. Majors in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology and Genetics. The Biochemistry and Microbiology majors both offer a co-op option. More than 400 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in these programs and they are exposed to a wide range of courses offering in-depth training and hands-on experience in the molecular biosciences. Welcome to our website!