Account Setup Changes for Purolator

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Procurement/ Payables

Purchasing Services is advising of an upcoming change in the University’s shipping account arrangement with Purolator.

Please forward this message to all personnel who are involved in arranging shipments or authorizing external business partners to ship collect to you using your Purolator account.

Working with Purolator, the University will be switching from one general account shared by all departments to a parent/child account structure with each department having unique child account under the University’s parent account.

Currently the University has a general account with Purolator that is being used by departments across campus for both outbound and inbound shipments. Although users are asked to specify GL coding for every shipment on their waybill, we come across shipments without GL Coding identified on the waybills every month. This has caused considerable amount of time being spent to identify and obtain GL coding by Purchasing and Payment teams as well as delays in invoice payment.

Implementing the parent/child account structure will help us to:
• easily identify which shipments belong to which department
• promptly process invoices for all shipments using GL coding identified on shipments as well as departmental default coding for shipments missing GL coding
• enhance our ability to monitor usage for fraudulent activities for all accounts and rectify situations when needed
Over the next several weeks, our Customs and Transportation Officer Dena Namis will reach out to each department to advise your department’s unique account number and provide guidance and support to ensure that your team transitions to this new account smoothly.

We anticipate that the transition of all departments to this structure will be completed in a couple of months. Once all departments have been transitioned to their unique account numbers, the current University’s general account number will be deactivated.

If you have any questions and concerns related to this change, please contact Lis Kuindersma ( or Dena Namis (