BPS Procurement Directive Requirements Overview

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The BPS Procurement Directive has been developed based on the BPS Supply Chain Guideline which was developed in consultation with BPS organizations and was recognized by the Auditor General in his report.

The BPS Procurement Directive substantially aligns with:

  • Povincial Trade Agreements
  • Management Board of Cabinet (MBC) Procurement Directive

 The Procurement Directive has the following requirements:

  • A Supply Chain Code of Ethics
  • Procurement Policies and Procedures – 25 mandatory requirements
  1. Segregation of Duties
  2. Approval Authority
  3. Competitive Procurement Thresholds
  4. Information Gathering
  5. Supplier Pre-Qualification
  6. Posting Competitive Procurement Documents
  7. Timeline for Posting Competitive Procurements
  8. Bid Receipt
  9. Evaluation Criteria
  10. Evaluation Process Disclosure
  11. Evaluation Team
  12. Evaluation Matrix
  13. Winning Bid
  14. Non Discrimination
  15. Executing the Contract
  16. Establishing the Contract
  17. Termination Clauses
  18. Term of Agreement Modifications
  19. Contract Award Notification
  20. Vendor Debriefing
  21. Non-Competitive Procurement
  22. Contract Management
  23. Procurement Records Retention
  24. Conflict of Interest
  25. Bid Dispute Resolution