Category Codes by Buyer

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All category codes in iProcurement are combination of Category Code and Category Type of SUPP.  For example, ADV.SUPP.

If you can't find a category code appropriate for your purchase, contact  A new category code could be set up upon request.

Category Code Descriptions Below $100,000 $100,000 and over
ADV Advertising, Promotion, Communications Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
AE Arts & Entertainment - art, games, music, etc. Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
AGG Aggregates including cement, sand, salt, road gravel Kari Wright Hui Zhu
AGR1 Agricultural & Horticultural Vehicles & Implements

Kari Wright

Hui Zhu
AGR2 Crop Inputs - seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm chemicals Kari Wright Hui Zhu
AGR3 Crop Outputs - oilseeds (grains), hay, straw Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ANIM1 Animal Feed & Bedding Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ANIM2 Animal Husbandry - animal equipment, service Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ANIM3 Animal & Marine Life (Live) & Artificial Insemination Kari Wright Hui Zhu
APP Appliances (Domestic -10Cº) & Food Processing Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ATH Athletics - excluding jerseys – see (WEAR) Kari Wright Hui Zhu
AV Audio, Visual & Projection Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
AWA Awards & Trophies Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
BIOHAZ Biological Hazardous Materials Kari Wright Hui Zhu
BLDG Building Renovation & Maintenance Kari Wright Hui Zhu
CAP Capital Equipment Projects, ARIO over $100k, including affixed equipment approved by Physical Resources Hui Zhu Hui Zhu
CHEM1 Chemicals - Industrial plant, water treatment, lubricants, etc Kari Wright Hui Zhu
CHEM2 Chemicals - Scientific Freezer Program, Lab Chemicals, Organic Compounds & Reagents, Biochemical Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
CHEM3 Chemicals - Alcohol Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
CHILD Childcare Services Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
COMM1 Communication - networking & web services Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
COMM2 Communications - telecommunications, cell phones Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
COMP1 Computer - Hardware, Accessories & Peripherals Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
COMP2 Computer - Software Applications & Websites Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
CONFERENCE Conference, Meeting Kari Wright Hui Zhu
CONSTRUCT Projects, ARIO over $100k, including design, architect, land development, buildings, affixed equipment, furniture Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ELE Electrical Kari Wright Hui Zhu
ENG Architect, Study, Engineering & Survey (non-construction) Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
ENV Environmental (Soil, Water, Air, Weather) Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
EVENT Event Hosting & Organizing, Special Occasion Kari Wright Hui Zhu
FILING Filing - office & record retention Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
FLEET Fleet - Vehicles Purchase Kari Wright Hui Zhu
FLEET Fleet - Vehicles rental & lease Kari Wright Hui Zhu
FLOOR Floor Finishing & Covering Kari Wright Hui Zhu
FOOD Food - equipment, supplies, services Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
FUEL Fuel, Heating Oil & Propane Kari Wright Hui Zhu
FURN Furniture Office & Facilities - filing cabinet,  furniture, office seating Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
GAS Gases, Compressed Kari Wright Hui Zhu
GROUNDS Grounds Keeping & Landscaping Kari Wright Hui Zhu
HDW Hardware, Tools & General Consumer Goods Kari Wright Hui Zhu
HOUSE Housekeeping Supplies and Services Kari Wright Hui Zhu
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, A/C Kari Wright Hui Zhu
LASER Laser devises & supplies Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
LAU Laundry & Linen Services Kari Wright Hui Zhu
LIB Library & Archival Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
MATL Material Handling including elevator, industrial shelving & storage, robotics Kari Wright Hui Zhu
MED1 Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary - supplies & minor equipment Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
MED2 Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary - equipment Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
MEMBERSHIP Membership, sponsorship Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
MET Raw Materials including Metal, Plastic, Rubber Kari Wright Hui Zhu
MOV Moving & Storage Services - faculty & staff Kari Wright Hui Zhu
OFF1 Office & Stationery includes postal & computer supplies (excluding postage, Computers & Computer Peripherals) Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
OFF2 Office Paper, Printers including inkjet, laser, wide format Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
PEST Pest Control Services Kari Wright Hui Zhu
PHOTO Photographic & Finishing Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
PLUMB Plumbing Kari Wright Hui Zhu
PRINT1 Print - Photocopier Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
PRINT2 Print - Printing & Publishing Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
RAD Radioactive Material & Supplies Kari Wright Hui Zhu
SAFE Safety Kari Wright Hui Zhu
SCI Scientific - equipment, supplies, services Lindsay MacDonald Todd Billings
SEC Security Parking & Identification Kari Wright Hui Zhu
SIGN Signage - interior & exterior Kari Wright Hui Zhu
TEACHING Teaching, Speaking engagement, lecturing services Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
TEX Textiles - linen, bath curtains, mattress, upholstery, etc. Kari Wright Hui Zhu
TRAINING Training, Course, Seminar Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
TRAN Transportation Services, Freight Todd Billings Todd Billings
TRAV Travel & Accommodation - Hotel & Out of Town Car Rentals, Airporter Service, Bus Rentals Kari Wright Hui Zhu
UTILITY Utilities - Water, Gas, Electricity Kari Wright Hui Zhu
WASTE Waste Management & Recycling - disposal of general, hazardous, dead stock, medical, metals, plastics Kari Wright Hui Zhu
WEAR Wearing Apparel including work wear, lab, clinic, athletic Kari Wright Hui Zhu
WEBSITE Website development, maintenance, troubleshooting services Jin Su Lis Kuindersma
WINDOW Window Coverings & Treatments Kari Wright Hui Zhu