Category Codes for Requisition Entry

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All category codes in iProcurement are combination of Category Code and Category Type of SUPP.  For example, ADV.SUPP.

If you can't find a category code appropriate for your purchase, contact  A new category code could be set up upon request.

Category Code Descriptions
ADV Advertising, Promotion, Communications
AE Arts & Entertainment - art, games, music, etc.
AGG Aggregates including cement, sand, salt, road gravel
AGR1 Agricultural & Horticultural Vehicles & Implements
AGR2 Crop Inputs - seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm chemicals
AGR3 Crop Outputs - oilseeds (grains), hay, straw
ANIM1 Animal Feed & Bedding
ANIM2 Animal Husbandry - animal equipment, service
ANIM3 Animal & Marine Life (Live) & Artificial Insemination
APP Appliances (Domestic -10Cº) & Food Processing
ATH Athletics - excluding jerseys – see (WEAR)
AV Audio, Visual & Projection
AWA Awards & Trophies
BIOHAZ Biological Hazardous Materials
BLDG Building Renovation & Maintenance
CAP Capital Equipment Projects, ARIO over $100k, including affixed equipment approved by Physical Resources
CHEM1 Chemicals - Industrial plant, water treatment, lubricants, etc
CHEM2 Chemicals - Scientific Freezer Program, Lab Chemicals, Organic Compounds & Reagents, Biochemical
CHEM3 Chemicals - Alcohol
CHILD Childcare Services
COMM1 Communication - networking & web services
COMM2 Communications - telecommunications, cell phones
COMP1 Computer - Hardware, Accessories & Peripherals
COMP2 Computer - Software Applications & Websites
CONFERENCE Conference, Meeting
CONSTRUCT Projects, ARIO over $100k, including design, architect, land development, buildings, affixed equipment, furniture
CONSULTING General Consulting Services including management consulting or technical consulting
ELE Electrical
ENG Architect, Study, Engineering & Survey (non-construction)
ENV Environmental (Soil, Water, Air, Weather)
EVENT Event Hosting & Organizing, Special Occasion
FILING Filing - office & record retention
FLEET Fleet - Vehicles Purchase; rental; lease
FLOOR Floor Finishing & Covering
FOOD Food - equipment, supplies, services
FUEL Fuel, Heating Oil & Propane
FURN Furniture Office & Facilities - filing cabinet,  furniture, office seating
GAS Gases, Compressed
GROUNDS Grounds Keeping & Landscaping
HDW Hardware, Tools & General Consumer Goods
HOUSE Housekeeping Supplies and Services
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, A/C
LASER Laser devises & supplies
LAU Laundry & Linen Services
LIB Library & Archival
MATL Material Handling including elevator, industrial shelving & storage, robotics
MED1 Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary - supplies & minor equipment
MED2 Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary - equipment
MEMBERSHIP Membership, sponsorship
MET Raw Materials including Metal, Plastic, Rubber
MOV Moving & Storage Services - faculty & staff
OFF1 Office & Stationery includes postal & computer supplies (excluding postage, Computers & Computer Peripherals)
OFF2 Office Paper, Printers including inkjet, laser, wide format
PEST Pest Control Services
PHOTO Photographic & Finishing
PLUMB Plumbing
PRINT1 Print - Photocopier
PRINT2 Print - Printing & Publishing
PROPERTY Property management, Real Estate Services
RAD Radioactive Material & Supplies
SAFE Safety
SCI Scientific - equipment, supplies, services
SEC Security Parking & Identification
SIGN Signage - interior & exterior
TEACHING Teaching, Speaking engagement, lecturing services
TEX Textiles - linen, bath curtains, mattress, upholstery, etc.
TRAINING Training, Course, Seminar
TRAN Transportation Services, Freight
TRAV Travel & Accommodation - Hotel & Out of Town Car Rentals, Airporter Service, Bus Rentals
WASTE Waste Management & Recycling - disposal of general, hazardous, dead stock, medical, metals, plastics
WEAR Wearing Apparel including work wear, lab, clinic, athletic
WEBSITE Website development, maintenance, troubleshooting services
WINDOW Window Coverings & Treatments