Travel & Expense Claims FAQ

How do I get setup for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or direct deposit?

EFT Request Form is no longer required

Your first travel claim reimbursement will be cheque and then all future travel claim reimbursements will be directly deposited into your HR designated bank account. The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) automation process will switch your payment information to the same bank account as your payroll is deposited to

How do you Delete Rows? or ECS Error states that; “Claim # 123456: Invalid Coding in Ontario account codes”

 If there appears to be an error in the coding section of the form – but there are blank coding rows – then use the Delete Rows function. For each coding line, tick the box on each line, far left hand side of the form, and delete the first 4-5 blank rows. SAVE the form and revalidate. This should remove the error. If you still encounter a problem email ECS Support . Be sure to include your name, Claim number and the problem encountered in your email.

I have submitted my Expense Claim, when can I expect my reimbursement payment?

 Check under the Claims Tab on ECS – for the group in which your claim is categorized; i.e New, Submitted to Payment Services, Received by Payment Services or Payments in Progress. For more info refer to the online tutorial - under the section titled “Checking the Status of your Claims”

I am confused on what Location Code to be used for Airfare?

 Airfare is available on the travel claim and on the Travel Page under Policies and Procedures "Airfare Location Tax Help."

Can I delete an Expense Claim Form created in ECS in Error?

 No, if you have started an expense claim that is not required, complete the following steps to re-use your ECS expense claim form for the next claim:

  • a) Using the Delete Rows button, and the small check box (far left of the form) delete each receipt.
  • b) Using the Delete Coding Lines button and the check boxes, delete all coding lines
  • c) Hit the SAVE button.
  • d) In the Purpose field, type in “Form to be used next time”. This will flag this claim to be used for next time.

Does ECS Handle Advance requests?

 Advance requests are to be completed using the Excel based form (see Travel Expense Page).   Travel Advances are to be cleared using ECS (Expense Claim System.)  Outstanding advances can be viewed in ECS under the Advance Tab.  To clear an advance in ECS select the advance you wish to clear on the travel claim.

I submitted my claim via ECS, but it does not show as submitted – what happened?

 Note: Do Not SAVE as the last step, otherwise the ECS process undoes the Final Submit function and the claim is considered as New and is NOT submitted to Payment Services.

The normal process is to enter all the information into the ECS form; hit the Validate button, correct any errors if necessary, re-validate and then view the pdf version. If the claim looks OK, then hit Final Submission (Last Step) and then print the pdf.

How Do I complete the Expense claim Form? (Where to start?)

As an ECS user, you can create your expense claim, print it off, and then have it signed via your "normal" approval process. Once signed with all necessary departmental approvals on the Cover Page - the expense claim (with all receipts) is delivered to Payment Services. At any time, you can check on the status of all your expense claims and their payment status via ECS. 

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