Treasury Operations FAQ

How Can I transfer a Departmental Charge that is actually PDR?

 Where a goods or service is purchased and charged to a department and then later deemed to be used for a staff member’s PDR, the funds must be transferred via a Journal entry (with complete description included on your JE). The expense claim form is to be used for out-of-pocket expenses, not accounting transfers.

How can I switch my Payroll Cheque to Direct Deposit (or what happens if I lose my pay cheque)?

  1. For Employees switching to Payroll Direct Deposit, fill in the Direct Deposit Authorization Form with your bank information and hand the completed form into Human Resources. The Form is located at the HR website and can be printed from:

My department information system has a credit card number field in the payment information screen – what do I need to input?

 Departments are not allowed to input any credit card information into the department system or database.  Consider credit card information as "toxic waste" - not to be stored anywhere.

I am holding a credit card number on file as a “security deposit”. How long should I keep this information?

 Occasionally a department will process a pre-authorization on a credit card without actually making a charge on the customer’s account, for example: a damage deposit. This may be done directly on the terminal or on a sales draft. Pre-authorizations on a terminal should be removed once the business transaction is completed, unless charges need to be applied. Sales drafts should be cross-shredded or given back to the client.

Can I keep someone’s credit card number on file if I’m going to be billing them again in the future; if so are there special instructions, what do I do once the billing cycle is over?

 Credit card numbers should not be kept on file as a general practice. Limited exceptions apply such as if you need to bill the customer on a frequent and recurring basis (at least monthly) and explicit permission is obtained from the customer. The credit card number must be filed in a secure location, in a safe or under lock and key. Credit card numbers must not be stored electronically, i.e. in a spreadsheet, database, or anywhere on a computer and/or network. Once the customer relationship is finished, the credit card number should be cross-shredded.

What should I do if the signature on the card presented doesn’t match the signature on the sales draft?

 Phone for a code; A code 10 allows you to call for an authorization without the client becoming suspicious. Phone and inform the operator that you have a code 10. You will be asked a series of “yes” and “no” questions. If something is amiss the authorization will be declined. The operator may request to speak with the cardholder to ask account information questions that only the true owner of the card would know. You may use a code 10 at anytime you feel that a transaction is not legitimate.

How often should I close off the terminal?

 An End of Day (EOD) Settlement should be performed on your terminal daily.


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