Treasury Operations FAQ

How do I synchronize my internet payments collected on MiraPay with my deposit to Revenue Control?

 Each night at a specfied time, MiraPay will process the internet payments collected on your site. This information is available to the designated MiraPay administrator as an End of Day (EOD) report. This should agree with the information collected on your own site. 

When do I use a cheque requistion or a coding sticker?

 If you have an invoice, you can use a coding sticker. Use a cheque requisition if there is no invoice or if you would like any special mailing instructions noted.

Where do I get cheque requisitions?

 There is a very good cheque requisition format on the Accounts Payable website. It is quite legible and Departments can adapt it for their own use. For example, bolding the codes or any special mailing instructions. Typing also helps avoid errors.


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