How can I switch my Payroll Cheque to Direct Deposit (or what happens if I lose my pay cheque)?

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  1. For Employees switching to Payroll Direct Deposit, fill in the Direct Deposit Authorization Form with your bank information and hand the completed form into Human Resources. The Form is located at the HR website and can be printed from:
  2. If an Employee loses their payroll cheque – they must notify the appropriate departmental administrative staff who in turn contacts Human Resources in order for a stop payment to be placed and a replacement cheque printed. 
  3. Once HR has been contacted, they will summarize the lost cheque details and email Treasury Operations to confirm that the cheque has not been cashed. Treasury Operations will issue a stop payment on the old cheque. HR staff will make the necessary arrangements to print the new cheque and have it signed. 
  4. Once HR has printed the cheque and have it signed - they will contact the employee to arrange for pickup. This whole process can take 2-3 business days.