Cheque requisitions

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Cheque Requisitions are intended as a method of requesting and authorizing payments from University funds other than those included in the regular Accounts Payable routine; generally where no invoice is available. Examples of where cheque requisitions may be used include payment of honoraria, payment of awards, transfer of research funds to other institutions, refunds of deposits and fees, and various other reasons.

A Cheque requisition can also be attached to a vendor invoice where it is necessary to alert Accounts Payable of any special instructions pertaining to that invoice, such as special mailing instructions or special payment requirements (ie wire transfers).

Before using a cheque requisition to request a payment please review the related procedure - Cheque Requisition for guidance on how to use the form.

An Excel version of the cheque requisition form is available to allow departments to adapt it for their own use.  Completed forms can then be saved locally to be used again for similar payment requests in the future. Please note ALL cheque requisitions require an authorized signature and the name of the person authorizing the payment clearly printed below the signature on the form.