Competitive Bidding Process

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Supplier must have minimum response time of 15 calendar days for open competitive procurement. For complex, high risk and high dollar value ones, it is recommended that suppliers be given minimum response time of 30 calendar days.

Evaluation criteria must be approved by appropriate authority.

Criteria and weight must be clearly outlined in bid.

Factors not listed as evaluation criteria cannot be used for evaluation.

Alternative solutions must not be considered unless they are explicitly requested in bid documents.

Each evaluation team member must complete an evaluation.

Bid received highest evaluation score must be declared the winning bid.

Any changes to the term of agreement stated must be approved by appropriate authority.

An agreement must be formally established before supplying goods or services commences.

Extending the term of agreement beyond what stated, where the extension affects the value, amounts to single sourcing.

Supplier has 60 days to request debriefing after contract award notification.

Competitive procurement documents must outline bid dispute resolution procedures.