Contract Updates - Car Rental and Shredding

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Procurement/ Payables

Below are some changes to the University's existing contracts with EAN (Enterprise Car Rental) and Shred-It. Please forward this email to those who handle vehicle reservations and office document shredding in your area.

1.  Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental has recently implemented a new process for reservations under corporate account as part of their anti-fraud efforts.  Effective October 1st,  customers must quote the corporate billing number in order to make a reservation under a corporate account.  

Many of you have used GL coding  to make reservations.  The booking process with GL coding remains the same.  The billing number is a new requirement in addition to the GL coding.  As long as you provide the University's billing number, you can continue to make reservations and charge them to your GL.  

Also, some clients have experienced that their calls to Enterprise Guelph office were answered by their offices in other cities and they were asked for account number for University of Guelph.  This is because Enterprise's new automatic telephone system directs calls based on availability.  A tip to get to the Guelph local office quickly is that as soon as you hear the automatic answering prompts, press *.  It will send your call directly to the Guelph office.  However, if everyone at the local office is busy and your call is not answered for some time, it is still possible for your calls to be routed to other offices.

Please note the account number is different from the billing number.  Usually both account number and billing number are required  for booking under a corporate account.  But Enterprise's Guelph office hasn't asked for account number regularly from us in the past.  Both the account number and the billing number can be found on EAN site under Our Suppliers website   Our suggestion is to have both account number and billing number on hand when you call them.

Please safe guard both the account number and the billing number, only provide them to those who are authorized to make reservations under the University's corporate account.

 2.  Shred-It (Stericycle)

Our account manager for Shred-It has retired recently.  Our temporary point of contact is Jeff Hughes, Director - Regional Account Management, until the position is filled.
For service requests the University is to e-mail, or call the national accounts support team at 1 -877-450-6287.  

For detailed contract information, please visit  Shred-It (Stericycle) page under Our Suppliers website

Thank you,
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